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What's My Option for Delayed Planted Corn

by Mike Austin

Those are the words of UW Crops and Soils Specialist Kevin Jarek when I asked him what were a growers options when planting corn this weather delayed season. Jarek says in the North-Central and Northeastern part of the state 30-35% of the corn still needs to be planted and with an uncertain forecast there are some decisions a grower has to make. as you heard Jarek says if we get cooperative weather yet this week we should probably look to planting a shorter season variety 75-85 days. Seed dealers in the area say they do have the inventory. but if we are still waiting to plant next week he is recommending looking at a 105-110 long season hybrid so that it hopefully silks by frost giving the producers the highest quality feed that provides the most dry matter possible.

UW Extension Ag Economist Paul Mitchell also has suggestions on 4 options an insured farmers has

1)Plant late with a reduced guarantee

2) take a full prevented plant indemnity with restrictions on what you can use the acres for this summer/fall

3)Take a partial prevented planted plant indemnity with fewer restrictions on using the acres this summer/fall