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  • Presley Dinah

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    I get asked all the time about Presley and I've gotten many requests for you go. Presley is 15 months old and a funny, little girl. She is not only walking, but running! She went from barely standing up to all-over-the-place within a week and momma is tired:) She talks so much. It amazes people how many words she knows, but it shouldn't suprise anyone that she is a gabber, look at her mother!! She is happy to see everyone and just loves people..she also loves food. You cannot eat w. her around because she wants it..her favorite word is "Yummy" and "No", we have to work on that last one..


  • The Showdown between Jake and Vienna

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi met on national TV, so, they decided to break up the same way.

    Last night, they argued over Vienna selling her story to a tabloid, her emotional abuse from him, and more.

    How it all fell apart

    Jake: "The relationship was going downhill but I wasn't ready to quit fighting."

    Vienna: "The first month together was great. He was crazy about me. From there it went straight downhill. It felt like a relationship when cameras were rolling or we were out on a red carpet, but when we were at home [it was] lonely. I just wanted him to be around me and talk to me and kiss me like a normal relationship."

     The tabloid interview

    Vienna: "Either way, our relationship had been public. The world was going to want to know what happened . . . I hadn't had a voice this entire time."

    Jake: "I'm so mad at you. I'm disgusted with you."

    Vienna: "You are a fame whore is what you are."

    Their life after The Bachelor

    Vienna: "My impression was that you were a pilot and we were going to go back to Florida and Dallas and live a normal life. Instead, we're in L.A. and you're pursuing a career in acting."

    Jake: "At least I was pursuing a career in something."

    Jake's turn on Dancing with the Stars

    Vienna: "He never acknowledged me. We were never together, ever, throughout the whole thing. I was excited to spend time with him [on the show]."

    Jake: "She was excited because I put her on TV."

    Who broke up with whom?

    Vienna: "I called you and broke up with you over the phone."

    Jake: "She's like a tabloid. You get 40 percent of the truth."

    Who's at fault?

    Vienna: "He was always mean to me and treated me like I was a child."

    Jake: "She breaks me down, she undermines me, she's mean . . . this is it, right here."

    The knockout punch

    Vienna: "I am sorry that I went about it the way I did. But I know you, and I knew you would have [sold your story to a tabloid] if I didn't."

    Jake: "You don't know me and I wouldn't have done it . . ."

    Vienna: [Interjects]

    Jake: [Shouts] "Please stop interrupting me!"

    Vienna: [Storms out, crying] "He is the biggest liar I've ever met in my life!"

    Jake: "Unfortunately, that's what one of our arguments looks like."




  • Celine Dion makes WAY TOO MUCH $

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Look at this backyard..I was excited to get my $25 mini-pool from Walmart..Celine Dion makes a pretty penny to get this set-up for her son, Rene.

    Do you think Rene ever walks around saying, "Im Bored..there's nothing to do"? 

  • Lose Weight without sweating:)

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Ok-these are SO my ways of losing weight, without working out:) I especially like #15


    Of course you still need to work out, but there are many ways to burn calories that don't involve huffing, puffing and dripping sweat.

    And we're not talking a puny little number. You can burn hundreds of calories in sneaky ways. For starters, try this: Instead of watching television, do anything that doesn't involve sitting down. Then follow the advice of Allure magazine editors, who consulted experts to find out how to burn calories without breaking a sweat.

    1. Take vitamin D Several research studies have shown that women who are vitamin D-deficient take longer to lose weight than women who get enough vitamin D. The recommended amount is 2,000 milligrams daily.

    2. Drink coffee Decaf won't do! It's the caffeine that works the magic here by increasing the rate at which you burn calories.

    3. Sleep more
    If you sleep less than four hours a night over an extended period of time, your metabolism will slow. If possible, sleep between seven and nine hours for the best calorie-burning benefits.

    4. Do your own housework Go retro. From cooking dinner to washing the dishes and even running the vacuum cleaner, do the work yourself instead of relying on others to do the job.

    5. Wear a basic pedometer Aim to take 10,000 steps throughout the day, and let the pedometer do the counting.

    6. Eat lightly and often Instead of eating two or three big, heavy meals, eat five or six small, light meals every few hours. You'll consume the same number of calories, but they'll be more spread out.

    7. Walk briskly Move it! When you're going someplace, pick up the pace. "Walk like you're late for a meeting," said Gunnar Peterson, who trains Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles.

    8. Laugh If you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you'll burn up to 50 calories. No joke!

    9. Eat breakfast When you "break the fast," you send a biological signal to your body that you are not starving, and it starts burning fat even when you're doing normal activities. The two best breakfasts you can eat are scrambled egg whites or oatmeal with fruit.

    10. Time yourself
    Spend five minutes of each hour moving. Here's a trick: Set a timer once an hour to remind you to get up and walk around.

    11. Fidget Whether it's tapping your feet, pacing or moving restlessly in your seat, you'll burn up to 350 calories a day just by fidgeting.

    12. Drink more water When you get dehydrated, your metabolic rate plummets. The opposite is also true: Drinking about eight cups of water throughout the day will increase your metabolic rate by about 30 percent.

    13. Chew gum Chewing gum not only burns a few calories, but also keeps you from mindlessly eating, especially when you're cooking. Just be polite when you chew!

    14. Eat dairy foods Several research studies have shown that low-fat dairy actually inhibits fats from being stored in the body.

    15. Have sex! Grab your honey and hit the sheets. Most couples burn an average of 300 calories an hour while they're having sex.

    --From the Editors at Netscape

  • Country USA FUN

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    It's a rough job, but somebody has to do it........Don't hate the player, hate the game:)

  • Top 5 movies to see

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    I am not sure if it's because Ryan and I have recently talked about what we would with Presley if we passed away or the fact that I haven't seen a good tear jerker in awhile, but this is the MUST SEE MOVIE for me!!


    FINALLY, a movie w. Harrison Ford that looks perfect, plus who doesn't love Rachel McAdams?  This is called Morning Glory


    The other must see movies...

    Smurfs, Eclipse and Toy Story 3



  • Nashville Rising

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Last night's Nashville Rising show featured a diverse lineup of artists who stepped up to the plate at Nashville's Brigestone Arena, along with the event hosts Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. 

    Miranda Lambert began her second song performance by telling the audience 'Nashville has built the house that I love...which is Country music'. She then played her second #1 song 'The House That Built Me'. 

    Dolly Parton was shown in a pre-taped message giving her support of the community by saying 'Nashville Rising is just another way to say 'Love Thy Neighbor'. 

    Other celebrities who gave their support by video were Nashville native Reese WitherspoonMatthew McConaughey.

    Artists who gave their time in performance were Carrie Underwood, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Montgomery Gentry, Blake Shelton with Trace Adkins, ZZ Top, Taylor Swift & many more.  Julie Roberts gave the story of her personal losses from the Nashville Flood then performed a new ballad.

    Other surprises were the pre-taped talk show host Craig Ferguson giving his support for the Music City, Billy Ray Cyrus along with daughter Miley performing one after the other. Sandra Bullock came out & said a few words then tried to play the guitar jokingly then instead introduced Faith Hill's performance.

    A YouTube search FAN-POSTED VIDEOS


  • They Found Tracy Lawrence's dog-TANK!!!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Yay!! Tank has been found..

    The pooch was missing from the singer's truck. Tracy received a phone call saying Tank had been found near Route 109 in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. He went missing from a drug store parking lot where he was last seen. It is still uncertain whether Tank was taken or if he simply jumped out of the truck, but the Lawrence family is happy to have him home.


  • Presley Piggin out!!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    My Presley, who is 15 months, eats like there is no tomorrow. I seriously had to call my doctor and ask if she was eating too much (Hey, Im a new mom-I didn't know). My doctor said, NO. When a child is stuffed they will let you know. She did tell me to make sure she was getting plenty of fruits or vegetables!! Here is the little garbage disposal eating a breadstick..Yep-that's my girl. Shoving the whole thing in her mouth, afraid she'll miss a bite:)