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  • FIRST LISTEN: Pistol Annies - "Hush Hush"

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    hush hush

    The Pistol Annies next album Annie Up is being released May 7th and their debut single off the new album is "Hush Hush."  What do you think of the Miranda, Angaleena and Ashely's new song?  Check it out below and let me know what you think of it!



  • Glee Star Enters Rehab

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    A rep for Glee star Cory Monteith tells People the actor "has voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction."

    The 30-year-old, who stars as Finn Hudson on Fox’s music-themed comedy-drama, has been struggling with substance abuse for some time. His representative added, "He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery."

    Montieth has said in past interviews that he entered rehab when he was 19 and after dropping out of school at 16 "hit drugs and alcohol hard."

    He hs been dating his Glee co-star Lea Michele for the past year. She tells People, "I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this." She adds, "I am grateful and proud he made this decision."


  • LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Want Their Own Reality Show. Gag.

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    eddie leann

     LeAnne Rimes and her husband  Eddie Cibrian are reportedly pitching their very own reality series.  I think this is ironic news since they've both said they want to avoid drama in their lives.  Pulllease.  

    The pair it seems are willing to open the doors on their life and marriage in a new ‘docu-series’.   They married in 2011 after cheating on their spouses and breaking up both their marriages and have been repeatedly attacked by gossip mags, the public and Eddie's ex Brandi Glanville ever since.  They are obviously no strangers to the drama that comes along with starring in a reality show either since Brandi stars on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    An insider at Gossip Cop reports the couple are ‘“shopping a docu-series about their life together.”  The pair have allegedly been attending ‘pitch meetings’ in a bid to sell the show to what is thought to be TV networks or production companies.

    LeAnn seeking the approval of others is sickening and I'm beyond over it.  She desperately wants to become "America's Sweetheart" again but that ship has long since sailed my dear.  I find her and Eddie quite disgusting human beings.  Yes, cheaters disgust me.






  • Miranda Lambert Says She's Not Pregnant, Just Fat From Cheeseburgers

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    ran blake

    Being country's hottest couple comes with positives and a whole lotta negatives...just ask Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Not a week goes by without their marriage being scrutinized by the tabloids and gossip rags.

    Miranda says, "It's funny, 'cause we've reached that point where people say, 'You've really made it when you're in the tabloids.' It's like, 'I guess we're famous, hon! Cheers!' It's kind of annoying."

    Recently Blake has been accused of infidelity in the tabloids, and the couple has used Twitter and humor to make light of those rumors. Miranda says, "According to this week, I'm divorced. And I think I'm gonna be pregnant again next week according to the media. Crazy people. But I'm actually doing great. We're very happy."

    Blake and Miranda will celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary in May, but they aren't expecting a little bundle of joy to go along with that milestone. Miranda explains, "I'm not pregnant. I just got fat over the holidays. Just a couple of cheeseburgers extra."

    We've all had a "food baby" once or twice or more right? ;)  If there is any couple out there who can take the the rumors, its Blake and Ran wouldn't you agree?


  • VIDEO: Taylor Swifts Welcomes Neon Trees Frontman For "Everybody Talks" Duet

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    taylor and tyler glenn

    Last night (3/28)  on her latest tour in Newark, New Jersey, Taylor Swift brought out Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Trees, for a duet.  Check it out below...

    Afterwards, Tyler posted a photo of him and Taylor onstage (above), and wrote, "So this just happened, my friend Taylor, flew me up to Jersey tonight to sing 'Everybody Talks' with her on her Red tour.. how could I say no??"

    What a perfect song for Taylor to tackle too...gossip, chit chat, rumors, blah blah blah, blech!



  • Kevin Bacon's New Favorite Song Is Probably One Of Your New Favorites Too!

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    Kevin Bacon admits to being HUGE fan of Lee Brice's latest single "I Drive Your Truck."

    Kevin tells CMT.com, "One of the best songs on my iPod is 'I Drive Your Truck.' I just happened to be driving -- not my truck, but my Prius -- and I heard it, and it's just got so much going for it, including a very strong anti-war message."

    Kevin goes on to praise the musical and lyrical structure of "I Drive Your Truck" saying, "When someone puts that together with the same kind of chords and the same instrumentation and the same words from the English language, but shapes it in a new way, I just love it."

    Obviously Kevin has great taste as Lee's latest has quickly become a favorite of fans around the country.

    "I Drive Your Truck" is the third single from Lee's latest album, Hard 2 Love and you can watch the video below...


  • Ashley Judd Says No Thank You

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    After months of speculation, Ashley Judd has finally announced that she will not pursue a Senate bid against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

    The actress made the announcement in a series of tweets late Wednesday afternoon:

    “After serious and thorough contemplation, I realize that my responsibilities & energy at this time need to be focused on my family. Regretfully, I am currently unable to consider a campaign for the Senate. I have spoken to so many Kentuckians over these last few months who expressed their desire for a fighter for the people & new leader. While that won’t be me at this time, I will continue to work as hard as I can to ensure the needs of Kentucky families are met by returning this Senate seat to whom it rightfully belongs: the people & their needs, dreams, and great potential. Thanks for even considering me as that person & know how much I love our Commonwealth. Thank you!”

    As late as last Friday, Judd was still hinting at a run, referring to her potential run against McConnell for the 2014 election, and foreshadowing what she presumed would be a barrage of attack ads from his campaign.

    I love Ashley, I think she would make a great political figure, don't you?

    She can currently be seen in theaters in the White House thriller Olympus Has Fallen.  You can check out the trailer below... looks fierce, I so wanna see it!


  • Sofia Vergara Goes Natural and I Can't Decide Which Looks Better?!

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    Sofia Vergara wears brunette so well you may be surprised to find out that she is actually a natural blonde.  The 40-year-old actress is famous for her curves and dark hair as the spicy bombell Gloria on ABC's Modern Family, but earlier this week she went back to her natural roots. She shared a picture of the new-old look on Instagram and wrote, "Blond ambitions!! Gracias to the amazing Kelly [Kline]."

    sofia blonde

    Vergara has said in the past that she decided to go brunette when she was trying to break into the business.

    "I'm a natural blonde, but when I started acting, I would go to auditions, and they didn't know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent -- but I had blonde hair," she explained in a 2010 interview with Self magazine. "The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, 'Oh, she's the hot Latin girl.'"

    I think she's gorgeous brunetter OR blonde!  I don't know which I like better? Do you prefer one color over the other on her?



    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    According to a new survey by Peeps...

    65% of people say they eat Peeps by biting the head off first. 

    13% eat the tail first.

    16% take small bites all over the body. 

    Half of people will only eat one or two Peeps on Easter

    8% will eat between six and 10.

    When I hear people talk about the fact that they DON'T like Peeps, I just don't get it.  I love Peeps and they love me!! If you are one that isn't a fan, then PLEASE pass on any and all of your sweet, deliscious Peeps to ME! :)


  • PICTURES: Lauren Alaina Goes To Prom With New Boyfriend

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    lauren alex

    Lauren Alaina attended Prom over the weekend, and though I like her dress, I was a little shocked at how "grown up" her attire was for a high school dance. I don't think I'm a fuddy-duddy, but maybe I am?

    “Today is going to be a good day. It’s my senior prom (:” Alaina wrote on her Twitter on Saturday as she got ready to attend the dance with her boyfriend Alex.

    lauren prom

    Her mom, Kristy Suddeth, documented the day-long primping process on Twitter, posting pictures of Lauren's shoes, nails and makeup. Before the big dance, Kristy shared pictures of her daughter posing with dad Jay Suddeth and her date.

    lauren prom


    lauren prom

    What do you think of the dress?


  • Can You Guess Who Was Voted LEAST Sexy Actress?

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    Kristen Stewart has enough sex appeal to entice Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson and director Rupert Sanders into romantic relationships, but she apparently does nothing for respondents of a new survey.

    The Daily Mail reports the 22-year-old Stewart has been named the least sexy actress in Hollywood, according to a poll conducted by the British retailer MenKind. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was second, followed by troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

    A spokesman for MenKind says respondents were “turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthy skinny starlets on the big screen.”

    The top ten least sexy Hollywood actresses, according to the MenKind survey:

    1. Kristen Stewart
    2. Sarah Jessica Parker
    3. Lindsay Lohan
    4. Denise Richards
    5. Kirsten Dunst
    6. Mischa Barton
    7. Hilary Swank
    8. Lucy Liu
    9. Tilda Swinton
    10. Uma Thurman

    So wait...men DON'T like skinny?  I'm way cool with that!