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  • Sources Say Elin Plans On Leaving Tiger

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Elin Nordegren

    The holidays may bring a final showdown in the marriage of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, a source close to the golfer's wife tells PEOPLE, saying, "She plans to leave Tiger." 

    Another source says, "She's made up her mind. There's nothing to think about: he's never going to change," PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue, on newsstands Friday. 

    Photos circulated this week, showing Nordegren, 29, pumping gas into her vehicle near the couple's home in Windermere, Fla., last Saturday, also captured the Swedish-born former nanny and mother of two (Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months), not wearing her wedding ring.  While the missing band "meant nothing," insists a source, a high-profile Florida divorce attorney tells PEOPLE that Nordegren has met with lawyers to renegotiate the Woods' prenuptial agreement. 

    On Thursday, workers began moving large items including what appeared to be works of art out of the couple's home in Windermere, Fla., and Nordegren was seen giving them instructions, according to the New York Post.

  • Faith Hill Most Makes List Of Most Played Songs of Last Decade

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Faith Hill

    When it comes to the most-played songs on the radio in the last decade, Faith Hill has two songs in the top 10. According to Nielsen BDS numbers, Faith's song "Breathe" comes in at number four, and "The Way You Love Me" stands at number six for the decade. Faith says, quote, "When I heard this I didn't even know what to say. I was absolutely floored. The idea that these songs have connected the way they have, with so many people, is just magical to me." Faith is currently in the studio working on her seventh album.

  • Carrie Underwood On Self Magazine Cover

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Carrie Underwood Self cover

    Carrie Underwood appears on the upcoming January issue of Self magazine. In the article about the country superstar, Carrie discusses her workout routines, eating healthy, her desire for a family (someday!), and one thing that she wants to do before she dies.  When the discussion turned to pet peeves, Carrie shared one thing that drives her absolutely crazy! “It drives me crazy when people put stuff in the wrong place,” she says. “When I have people over and they try to help clean up, I’m like, ‘No, I’ve got it!’” 

    Being that Self is a health and fitness magazine, Carrie also dished on how she stays in such great shape. “I have Exercise TV on cable,” she says. “Jillian Michaels’s videos will kick your butt. She’s my trainer, and she doesn’t even know it!” And when it comes to eating, the singer has greatly reduced her sugar intake. Now, she says, “I have a lot fewer breakouts… People have asked me, ‘What are you doing differently?’ I’m honestly just eating healthier,” she says.  You can pick up the January issue of Self with Carrie on the cover at your local newstands.

  • Elin Ring Free Again Today...Tiger Still Not Spotted Out In Public

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    elin woods

    Tiger Woods' wife stepped out again today without the marital symbol. This time she took children Sam Alexis, 2, and Charlie Axel, 10 months, along for the ride to Ayothaya Thai Cuisine, where they picked up takeout.  The group, which also included a bald man and a brown-haired woman, were in the shop near their Windermere, Fla., home for only 15 minutes as they ordered and waited for their food, a restaurant employee tells E! News

    As Elin loaded the kids back into the car, the Swedish beauty was hounded with tough questions regarding her marriage. She ignored them, kept a buttoned lip and went about her business like a total pro. 

    elin woods

  • Holy Canolli!

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan


    Holy canolli, today flew by!  Just got an email from listener Sally asking me if I was going to write a personal blog today as she had to leave work soon and wouldn’t have internet access for the rest of the night.  I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe it was after 5PM already!  Thanks for the reminder Sally! 

    Not sure if you knew that I have a poll, survey, question, whatever you wanna call it, on my webpage now for extra points for the WDEZ Club.  (Check back often as I change it often.)  I get to satisfy my curiosity and you get bonus points, super fantastic huh!  Here are the results of my latest poll/survey/question/whateveryouwannacall it…. 

    Who’s Your Favorite Country Couple? 

    65.8% Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

    21.9% Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

    12.3% Eddie Montgomery & Troy Gentry 


    Club Bonus is Poll. 


  • Rihanna Says It Took A Lot Of Strenght To Leave Abusive Chris Brown

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    US Weekly...By continuing to speak out about Chris Brown's violent Feb. 8 attack, Rihanna says she is slowly moving past the ugly incident.  "It's relieving," the singer, 21, says in the January issue of GQ. "Because it was built up for so long, and all these thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind for the past eight months. And now it's like I finally get to let go and move on."

    Although she says doesn't like "talking about it" a lot, "every time I do, it's better; it's easier each time."  She says she finally decided to speak out about the incident because "I wanted to move on. And I knew that was the only way I could have done it. And I wanted people to move on with me. 'Cause the last big thing they know about me is That Night. And I don't want that to be what people define me as."

    Looking back, Rihanna says the biggest lesson she learned is that "love is blind."  "It took a lot of strength to pull out of that relationship," she says. "To finally just officially cut it off. It was like night and day. It was two different worlds. It was the world I lived for two years, and then having the strength to say, 'I'm gonna step into my own world. Start over.'"

    She says the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain. "The bruises fade away," she says. "But the thing that stays with you is the emotional scars." 

    Her message to women in abusive relationships?  "Stop blaming yourself for that outcome," she says. "There's nothing you can do, ever, to excuse a man's behavior like that."

  • Justin Moore Named Billboard's Top New Country Artist of 2009

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Justin Moore

    Justin Moore has been named Billboard's Top New Country Artist of 2009 on the strength of his number-one hit "Small Town U.S.A."  Justin says, quote, "It sticks the cherry on top....That's not something I got into [the business] for, but it makes me feel really good." Justin has big plans for 2010, including a spot on Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night tour with Miranda Lambert and the birth of his daughter, Ella Kole.

  • LeAnne Rimes Heats Up Fox TV Tonight

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    LeAnn Rimes

    LeAnn Rimes  will be in the kitchen with chef Gordon Ramsay tonight for his new Fox special Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live. Cedric The Entertainer and How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan will also be on hand to help Ramsay prepare dishes such as angel hair pasta with shrimp and Steak Diane in real time as the cameras roll. The show starts tonight at 8:00 CST. In other LeAnn news, she's currently in the studio working on a new album. It's expected to hit stores next summer.

  • Eric Church Can Stool Stomp Like No One Else, I'd Bet Money On That...

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Eric Church

    When Eric Church looks back on 2009, he'll be able to celebrate the top-10 success of his single "Love Your Love the Most." He'll also remember playing shows on crutches with his foot in a cast. Eric actually broke a bone in his foot a few months ago stomping around the stage during a show in New York State. Even though he wore a medical boot, Eric never stopped stomping and marching around when his crowds got going, which led him to re-injure the foot. Now, Eric is taking steps to actually allow the foot to heal and has been performing his shows with a stool onstage. 

    Eric says, quote, "I've been impressed with the crowd. I feel like they've given me more knowing I need it...It's been some of the best shows we've ever had." In fact, sometimes the audience gets so wrapped up in the show's energy, Eric thinks there might be some injuries out in the crowd, too. He says with a laugh, "It's like wrestling...We keep ambulances out front of the venue just 'cause you don't know. It's either gonna be me or them."