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  • Van Halen Stopped David Cook and Carrie Underwood Duet On Carrie's Holiday Special Last Week

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    David Cook and Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood's holiday TV special last week was supposed to feature a duet between her and fellow American Idol champ David Cook on the Van Halen song "Why Can't This Be Love." The two had taped the duet and both had talked about it in the press -- but when the special aired, it was nowhere to be seen. Now, LiveDaily.com reports that it was VAN HALEN's refusal to grant permission to use the song that started all the trouble. 

    LiveDaily.com reports that the show's producers, quote, "did not believe the initial rejection" that they got from the Van Halen camp, and figured they'd be able to work out the legal and financial issues later -- so they went ahead and had Carrie and David tape the song. But those issues were never able to be resolved, so the duet is now lying on the cutting room floor somewhere.

    David and Carrie did duet back in February at the opening of the American Idol Experience attraction in Disney World, singing FLEETWOOD MAC's "Go Your Own Way."

  • Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Celebrate Anniversary With McDonalds Fries

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

    People.com...As far as anniversaries go, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood must have to be "lovin' it."  Brooks, who came out of retirement and officially began his 5-year run of shows at Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday, had a fancy dinner planned to celebrate his 4th anniversary with Yearwood, but suddenly that meal became McDonald’s French fries. "That was our anniversary dinner," he told reporters Friday at Wynn Las Vegas, where – sporting jeans, sweatshirt and a baseball hat – Brooks played an acoustic set Saturday that included his influences (Bob Segar, James Taylor and George Strait) as well as his own songs, including "The River" and "Shameless." 

    Brooks, 47, said the dinner was supposed to include his kids, whom he says also "got married" to Yearwood in 2005. "We had a big night planned and at the last minute they moved the youngest one's Christmas carol program to that night," Brooks said. "I promised them a big, fancy dinner, but we went and grabbed McDonald's fries and went home."

  • Eddie Cibrian Is Calling Out His Almost Ex Wife

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    brandi glanville and eddie cibrian

    Eddie Cibrian is calling out the physical and verbal abuse he says occurred at the hands of his soon-to-be ex-wife, Brandi Glanville -- and in front of their kids. In new court papers, the CSI: Miami actor, 36, alleges his ex physically and verbally attacked him, slashing the tires of his Harley Davidson motorcycle tires in a fit of rage after a domestic dispute. 

    Cibrian, who is filing for joint legal and physical custody, says his ex's actions have also affected their two children, sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2. Weeks after the couple had separated, but while Cibrian was still living in the family's guesthouse, the actor says his ex got violent and told their son, Jake, "daddy doesn't love you" during their screaming match.

    "[Glanville] is allowing her emotional rage to overcome any attempt by me to do what is in the best interest of our children," Cibrian says, detailing the Aug. 1 dispute that resulted in his tires being slashed.

    But Glanville defends her actions, telling E! News she was retaliating after finding out about her ex's alleged 2006 affair with cocktail waitress Sheena Marie. "He broke my heart, so I broke his Harleys," Glanville, who filed for divorce last summer after eight years of marriage, says. "It was right after I found out about girl No. 2, and I had that Carrie Underwood song in my head, and I just went for it!" 

    Cibrian is currently dating LeAnn Rimes, whom he met and began an affair with while filming the Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights.

     leann rimes and eddie cibrian

  • Kellie Pickler Official Bookworm

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Kellie Pickler

    Kellie Pickler reveals to San Antonio's Express News that she's somewhat of a bookworm. She says, "I have the greatest admiration for authors. I read all the time." Her interest in books makes sense because Kellie is a writer at heart. Pickler explains, "Some people express themselves through dancing or sports. I express myself through writing. It's therapeutic and healing. My favorite part about making an album is the writing." Kellie is currently working on songs for her third album, the follow-up to her self-titled disc.

  • Welcome To Monday...

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Welcome to Monday! It’s not ideal to kick off the work week with icy and snow covered roads but we’ll just have to get through it. We really don’t have another option do we? Well… sure, we could barricade ourselves into our homes and not come out to face the day but that’s a coward’s way of doing it and we aren’t cowards are we.  Nope.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend! My weekend rocked!! To be fair, my weekends always rock. I’m easy to please and whether I road trip to a concert, hang out with friends, work, clean out my closet or sit home and watch movies all weekend, as long as I’m with my family for most of my weekend, it rocks!  Here's to hoping to you conquer the week and the weekend comes quickly!  Club Bonus is Weekend.


  • Jack Ingram Got Lucky With Wife Amy

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Jack Ingram and wife Amy

    Jack Ingram admits that when it comes to music and many things, he and his wife, Amy, are not on the same page. He says, "She's a strong independent woman. It is exactly opposites attract and we butt heads about it [music] all the time but there is just a bond there between us that I hope lasts forever." So how did Jack and Amy get together? Well, according to Jack, it did involve a little music. He offers, "I wrote her a song and got lucky early on, so she did like it a little."

  • Dierks Bentley Celebrates Grammy Nomination With Wife And Sappy Movie

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Dierks Bentley was in the middle watching a tearjerker movie whengot the news that he'd received a Grammy nomination for "Beautiful World," his duet with Patty Griffin. Dierks tells AOL's The Boot, "Honestly, I was not even paying attention to the nominations. I was on the couch, watching the saddest movie in the world with my wife. We were watching My Sister's Keeper. My wife is bawling and my phone keeps ringing." He finally answered it and after hearing about his nomination, he and Cassidy shared a quick celebratory drink (beer for him, wine for her) and "partied for about 30 minutes." Then Dierks realized that the movie was costing them 16 dollars On Demand and it would expire soon, so the party ended and his wife promptly started crying again. 

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed this song wins, it is gorgeous and one of my FAVORITES of all time! ~Vanessa

  • Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood Top Billboards Best Of The Decade Lists

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Billboard's Best Of The Decade

    In the wake of last week's news that Taylor Swift has been named Billboard's Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year, now the Best of the Decade lists are out. Here's a look at the country categories: 

    Keith Urban

    Billboard's Top 5 Country Songs of The Decade

    1 "Somebody Like You" - Keith Urban

    2 "19 Somethin'" - Mark Wills

    3 "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" - Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

    4 "How Do You Like Me Now?!" - Toby Keith

    5 "The Good Stuff" - Kenny Chesney 


    Carrie Underwood

    Billboard's Top 5 Country Albums of The Decade

    1. Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood

    2. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack (Various artists)

    3. Fly - Dixie Chicks

    4. Home - Dixie Chicks

    5. Breathe - Faith Hill 

    Also of note, Taylor Swift's Fearless comes in at #3 on the Top-Downloaded Digital Albums of the Decade list, Faith Hill is ranked #1 in the Adult Contemporary Artist category, and "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack lands at #4 on the Adult Contemporary Songs.

  • Taylor Swift Makes "Appearance" On SNL With Taylor Lautner

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    Taylor Lautner hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and many were wondering if rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift would make an appearance.  She did.  Of sorts.  Check out the video...

    P.S. Taylor Lautner is incredibly fit.  His moves were FANTASTIC!