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  • Video: Blake Shelton on The Tonight Show

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Photo Credit: YouTube Clip

    That is Blake Shelton's tattoo. It's supposed to be deer tracks. (Don't worry Jay didn't see it either) When I met Blake a few years ago I asked the same question. I wasn't quite sure what they were...I thought they were lady bugs just like Jay Leno thought. Blake wasn't too happy when I asked him that. I also know there was alcohol involved and I also have no filter. So, I wasn't surprised that I asked him. 

    But I'm glad that Jay Leno asked the same thing, and also made fun of him for it too. 

    Here is the video from last night. 

    Now I can sleep at night. Thanks Jay for asking the same question as I did. I'm sure a lot of people ask him that. So, it might get annoying. Oh well!

    Here are Deer Tracks



    Oh and this clip was funny about The Morgan sisters... 


    Here they are... 

    Photo Credit: YouTube Clip (Morgan Sisters)


    I'm sure more rumors will start now that he picked two pretty women. Poor Blake can't catch a break!


  • Like or Dislike: Blake Shelton 'Boys Round Here'

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    What do you think? It's very different than anything Blake has ever done. So you might not like it at first.

    It's from his new album.

    That's Pistol Annies singing back up vocals.

    So what do you think? LIke or dislike??

    It will have to grow on me. I like everything but the 'chew tobacco spit' part.


  • Dancing with the Stars Elimination

    Posted by Jess Kelley




    I was shocked. I mean she wasn't the best dancer but I was hoping she was going to make it at least one more week. I guess not enough people voted for her. 

    Darn it!! 

    At least she had a great time. 


    If you missed her last 'Samba' you can watch it here

  • Video: Inside Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert's Closet

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Here is a look at Jana Kramer's closet...and a little of Brantley. He doesn't have much. 

    Photo Credit: YouTube Clip

    THey are such a cute couple! 


    Brantley's Gun... 

    He said its like his own Homeland security. 

    I think now he should move his gun to a better hiding spot. Cause you don't want people knowing where ya hide it!


  • Mermaids Are Real?

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    I saw this video and thought I had to share. It's pretty funny that people buy fins and use them to go swimming.

    If you have one, let me know what I'm missing out on.

    I mean, could you imagine me wearing this? People would think I'm nuts...I would think I'm nuts!

    Either way...I didn't realise that people still think that Mermaids are real.

    You can buy a fin! only $42 on ebay haha

    You can hire a 'real' mermaid HERE 

    She can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes! DANG I can't for more than 20 seconds and that is pushing it.

  • Video: Carrie Underwood 'See You Again' Performance on American Idol

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    This must be pretty surreal for Carrie and Casey when they come back to perform on the American Idol stage. I mean there whole life changed after they both appeared on the show.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Photo Credit: Video Clip


    Dang she is good.


    So who do you like best right now on American Idol?

  • Kellie Pickler and Lorri Morgan...Related?

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    I found Kellie Pickler's look-a-like...

    Here is Lorri Morgan..or wait, is that Kellie Pickler?

    I mean...dang they look a like!

    Here are pictures of Kellie with short hair...



    Am I right?

    They might not be related but I think they could pass as mother daughter.


    Now you have to watch this video of Kellie on Craig Ferguson. She's so darn cute and funny!

  • Video: Kellie Pickler's Jive Week 3

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    She is amazing! I can't believe how good she is at dancing. She found her calling. I think her next tour should involved lots of dancing. Maybe she can be like a country Beyonce.

    Here is the 'Jive' from last night...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Photo Credit: YouTube


    Who do you think will be eliminated tonight?

  • Video Premiere: The Band Perry 'Done'

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Photo Credit: Republic Nashville

    I love this song and now love the video! Very creative and theatrical.

    "DONE" is the second single from the sibling trio's Pioneer album, which hit store shelves today!!!

    Buy Album