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  • Keith Urban in Alan Jackson's 'Mercury Blues' Music Video!

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    I didn't know this!!

    I was just reading Keith Urban's bio and read that he used to play for guitar for Brooks and Dunn and Alan Jackson.

    He's in the background in Alan Jackson's 'Mercury Blues'....if u blink you will miss it!

    It's at 1:37 you can see him in the background playing the guitar. :)


    Did you see it?! ha



  • Keith Urban Guitar Solo!

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Told ya!!

    He's amazing...Check out this guitar solo. I mean...that is impressive! I think guys are just jealous haha JK


    Wow look at him back in the day!! :)

    So cute...haha


    LEO I can't any video of him in a rock band!! If you find one email it to me! :)



  • Reba's Dad is Much Better!

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Great news for Reba's dad! He is doing much better than anyone expected.

    He's out of his coma and going to a rehab center. He can even talk again.

    Reba called her mom on Saturday and she was shocked to find her dad wanting to talk on the phone.

    She said to, ""I talked and I talked and pretty soon I heard him clear his throat, and I stopped talking. He said, 'Well, does it look like he's got a chance?' I almost dropped the phone, and I thought, 'Well, that's lucid. He knows what I'm talking about.' He asked me the question and I said, 'Well, yeah, daddy. He might have a chance. Yeah. He said, 'Well, alright, tell him to drive fast but safe, you know, stay safe.' I said, 'OK.' He said, 'Thanks for calling.' And mom got on the phone, and she said, 'What'd you think about that?' I said, 'Oh my gosh! Can't believe it!' [pausing] He wasn't finished."

    That is great news! She even said that they already planned his funneral 3x already! Poor guy! :)

    ~Jess Kelley

  • Pet Skunk??!!!

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    What?! I can't believe this... Iwouldn't trust it. If you ever known someone who got sprayed you would understand why.

    In the UK it's popular now to have a pet skunk. They say they are cleaner than a cat or a dog. They eat mice, bugs, a natural diet including insects, fruits, nuts,  mice and other small mammals.

    Here is a pic of the lady and her pet skunk...he's kind of cute! haha

    My friends dog got sprayed and it took over a week to smell normal. They cleaned it with tomato juice, water, soap, chemicals...etc! They tried everything


  • Bibs for Adults?

    Posted by Jess Kelley


    I can't believe this is real...I wonder if they are making a profit off of this invention!! haha

    hahah Love it!  I might need one...haha Nah! I'd rather spill on myself!

    ~Jess Kelley

  • Wisconsin Tornados April 10, 2011

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Here is Kaukauna


    Wow...then watch this video. The tornado went right over the highway. I have never seen a tornado before in person. I would freak out!! It gives me chills just watching it on youtube.

  • Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson on IDOL!

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson will perform their hit song, "Don't you want to stay" on American Idol Thursday!

    So set your DVR and don't forget to watch!!


  • Hillary Scott's Boyfriend not Fiancee

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Don't worry guys...Hillary Scott is not engaged but that doesn't mean it won't happen anytime soon.

    25 year old Hillary Scott (which I didn't know we were the same age) has been dating her drummer Chris Tyrell.

    At the awards show she was wearing this ring...but she just wore the ring cause that was the only finger it fit! :) If the ring fits...wear it! (just like the shoe saying ...get it?) ha