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  • Video & Interivew of Randy Houser Tour Bus Fire

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Wow...poor Randy. He lost a lot of his clothing, personal items and equipment.

    Here is a video he posted of the fire last Wednesday on his bus. Thankfully no one was hurt!


    Here is an interview with Randy's assistant Stuart and I.

    (He's from Australia so it might be a little hard to understand...sorry Stewie! I LOVE YA still haha)


    Randy's Assistant Talks About the Fire

  • Vote for ACMA Entertainer of the Year & New Artist of the Year

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Don't forget to VOTE!!

    I'm not gonna lie...but I hope Keith Urban wins...Don't want to sway your vote or anything but COME ON people. Have you seen him in concert??? If not, you need to. He will be at the Bradley get your tickets now!! is the link to vote

    Entertainer of the Year Nominees:

    Jason Aldean

    Toby Keith

    Miranda Lambert

    Keith Urban

    Brad Paisley

    Taylor Swift


    New Artist of the Year

    Eric Church

    The Band Perry


    Posted by Jess Kelley


    Who would do this??? REALLY...

    But Charlie would say...Duh...Winning!

    ~Jess Kelley

  • St.Jude Videos

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Jon shaved his Superbowl Beard for the kids of St.Jude...

    Check out the video. (hey he'd do anything for $1,000 for the kids!!)


    Here is our buddy Dominick...He shaved his head in honor of his brother and the kids at St. Jude.

    Thanks Dominick!!!


    Thank you everyone who was involved!!


  • This is a ROBOT!!!

    Posted by Jess Kelley


    This is insane. Check this video out. This is not a human, this is a robot. It looks so real it creeps me out.

    Here is his expressions he can do...or 'it' can do.


    Here he is breathing...


    This guy created the robots and looks like it too...he thinks  they might have a soul. WoW is this our future?


  • LIke or Dislike? Taylor Swift "Mean"

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Like or Dislike?


    So what do you think of Taylor Swift's new song?

    Like or Dislike?

    I don't understand the she talking about her dad? a boy? Cause she says you can't hit me. Hmmm...That's not good!