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  • Great Work Out! Yoga Bootcamp

    Posted by Jess Kelley


    Great work out last night at Yoga Bootcamp. I got my sister to join and she is hurting today. It's so much fun too. 

    Can you find me? We all look the same! ha...I'm in the yellow tank top on the left side. My sister is next to me in the white tank. 

    It's such a great workout. I still have to get Jon and Matt there. My teachers will be back soon!! I can't wait. ;) 

    Willie Robertson will be proud. 



    Here is my new favorite ab workout... It's hard! 

    It's Flutter Kicks. We do this in Bootcamp all the time. I love it.

  • Video: Brett Eldredge 'Don't Ya'

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Doesn't he look like JON!?

    If he had glasses and a baseball cap that would be Jon Henseler.

    Just saying!

    Here is the video...

    ya I know it was released almost a month ago, but I'm just seeing it now! :) It's a great song! I hope this guy makes it big. He's got a wonderful voice too.


  • Video: Kellie Pickler 'Rumba' to 'Say I Do'

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Kellie Pickler danced the Rumba last night during Dancing with the Stars. Her husband say 'Say I Do' a song he wrote for her.

    Photo Credit: YouTube Clip

    It was pretty magical. I'm so happy for them.

    Here is the performance...

    This girl is going to win Dancing with the Stars. She has too. That is the only thing I hate about the show is that its all voting. It should be by who is the best dancer. It is a dancing competion.

    who do you want to win?


  • Meet the Writer of 'I Drive Your Truck'

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Lee Brice just got his 3rd number one hit! 

    'I Drive Your Truck' just went #1!! 

    Dierks Bentley made this quick video with the writer of 'I Drive Your Truck'


    That has got to be pretty surreal! Writing a song and hearing the fans sing it back to you. 
    What an amazing experience!



  • Video: Brantley Gilbert on NY INK

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Photo Credit: Video Clip

    Wow, that story is pretty insane and scary. I'm glad he's not drinking anymore. He's lucky to be alive. 

    Jana and him seem like a great couple. I'm happy for them. 


  • Elephant Show! Remember This??

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    My co-worker was singing this song today. I totally forgot about this show.

    Sharon, Lois and Bram The Elephant Show!!

    I used to watch this show all the time.

    Photo Credit: YouTube


    Now you will have this song in your head all day! :)




    Here is more info on the show

  • Video: Dierks Bentley Road to ACMs

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Photo Credit: YouTube Clip

    You couldn't even pay me to fly in his plane. Small planes freak me out!! 


    Here is another episode of DBTV at the ACMS


    If you missed his performance with Brad Paisley and Hunter Hayes

  • Dierks Bentley Brings Lucky Fan On Stage

    Posted by Jess Kelley

    Photo Credit: Getty Image (Courtesy of ACM)

    Saturday night in Las Vegas was jammed packed with performances. Dierks Bentley called one lucky fan on stage to hold his guitar and 'play.'

    Then he got in the crowd and gave away his guitar!

    My friends were there and said it was a blast!

    (I'm still upset that Dierks wasn't nominated. He better be next year)