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  • Time to Reassess Your Entire Life.

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Well isn't this a kick in the pants. Here I've been banging my head against a wall my entire life trying (with little to no success) to be cool. Just throwing stuff against the 'cool' wall and seeing what sticks. I tried playing trumpet. Nothing. Then I switched to to tuba. And contrary to popular belief women didn't find THAT cool either. I bought a pair of JNCO jeans. Nope. Top bowling average in junior league? Pfft. Hell I was even one of the first people with a portable CD player in middle school, it had 45 second skip protection and everything. Shockingly that did not vault me in to anyone's 'top 8' either. In fact it got to a point where I started to think it was perhaps just me! And then after 25 years of 'cool' atrophy along comes young Steve here. Finally putting in ink exactly what it takes for someone to be considered cool. If only I had this list in 1990, I could have avoided those aforementioned pitfalls. I guess if anything though my actions made other people look cool comparatively. I was sort of like a social martyr in the regard. 

    I guess my only question is how many of these do you need to hit to actually be cool? Like 80%? 90? So far I've got 'grow facial hair' and 'online friendships.' And do I ever have online friendships. I've got like 19 friends on facebook and 9 followers on twitter. So yeah, put a check mark next to that one. But beyond that I've got a lot of work to do, and some of these are so obvious I can't believe I missed them. Speak European? Duh. Chicks dig European, here I was wasting my time on Spanish, pigeon holing myself into one extra language when I could have just learned European and covered it all! Cool 101. EXXXTREME (everything). I need to get in contact with Steve to get further explanation on that one. Does that mean like using my laptop with my virus scan turned off? Or braving Wal-Mart on the weekend? Cause if that's the case then I'm good to go. Sometimes I even wait till the day before my rent is due to pay it. Certified badass. But if we're talking about things like going to a grocery store without a list, or calling a girl without a pre-written script, then I'm out of my league. I'm also unsure of what psychrock is, but obviously Steve is equally as confused so I'm not going to worry about that one right now. I'll google it once I get through some of the other things on this list. One cool step at a time. Bonus word: cool.


  • Super Bowl at Lambeau? Yes Please!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Sniff sniff.....I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional this morning! But if this video doesn't tug at your heart strings I don't know what will. Child's first birthday video? High school graduation video? Pfft. I'll take this documentary on the Ice Bowl every day of the week and THREE times on Sunday. See what I did there? That catch phrase just jumped up a notch.

    So I was patroling the 'NFL' section of ESPN's website as a part of my 'show prep' this morning (gotta love this gig, I'm the only one in any of my fantasy leagues who's job is an ADVANTAGE to making roster moves) and saw that at the NFL's yearly meetings today they are going to vote on whether or not to have a Super Bowl in New York's new stadium in 2014. All they need is a majority of the 32 teams to vote yes, so if they get the required (carry the 7...) 17 votes this should come to fruition. So why make the title "Super Bowl at Lambeau?" Well #1 because it's an attention grabber. Headline writing 101. But second of all this vote would set a precedent heretofore unheard of; a Super Bowl in a cold weather stadium. And if that happens Lambeau field will 300% host a Super Bowl before the decade is over. It's such a crime that it hasn't already to be honest. Lambeau is like the Vatican of football. Not hosting the Super Bowl there would be like Pope Benedict XVI deciding to host Easter service in Guam instead of St. Peter's Square. In an unrelated story I'm dropping some serious Catholic knowledge bombs on you right now. Thank you Google.

    So to anyone that's ever said "why won't the NFL ever put the Super Bowl in a cold weather city with an open air stadium" the NFL is about to say "Why not." Which is how it should be anyway. Honestly at least 80% of teams in the NFL have to deal with some kind of inclement weather from November-January in order to make the playoffs. Wouldn't it make sense to keep them in those conditions come Super Bowl time in February? Come to think of it, the NFL's stance on this to this point has been a little bonkers. When you think of all of the legendary games in the NFL you think of the Snow Bowl, or the Ice Bowl, or the Fog Bowl in '88. No one remembers those epic battles between in the Dolphins and Chargers on a calm, cloudless 80 degree day in San Diego. The NFL Films guy doesn't say (cue NFL Film guy's epic voice) "the calm summer day sets the stage for an apathetic battle between...." you here him say "the autumn wind is a pirate, blustering in from sea, with a rollicking song he sweeps along, swaggering boisterously."

    So you can bet the mortgage that when this passes, Lambeau will be the next in line to host a Super Bowl. (shudders) Ugh....could you imagine Brett Favre playing in a Super Bowl at Lambeau for the Vikings? BWHAHAHA, nevermind. If this passes it will probably be the end of Favre for good. If he potentially has to play in a meaningful game in cold weather it will be game, set, match for his retirement. Another good reason for owners to vote on the "pro" side. Bonus word: cold.

  • Cute kid battle, who ya got; Football Kid, or Motivational Kid?!

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Well our football friend Ben has some competition in the cute kid youtube battle! Does this little girl get you jacked up or what?! I'm officially watching this after every Brewers loss to make myself feel better (so the youtube hits might go from 1,552,220 to 2,134,526 on my effort alone). Hell I might even come up with my own motivational speech:

    "My new house is great...I can blog anything good....I like my job....I like my Packers...I like when Aaron Rodgers does his championship belt touchdown celebration....I like when Jeff Suppan doesn't get into Brewers games....I like when Carrie Underwood is on HDTV...I like when the McRib is at McDonalds...I like when 'Don't Stop Believing' is on the radio...I like hats...I like free drink tokens...I can do anything good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do anything better than anyone."

    Man, I feel better already! Well played Jessica. You can take your Knute Rockne and Vince Lombardi speeches if you want. I'm taking Jessica's optimism every day a week and twice on Sunday. Bonus word: optimism.

    PS: I thought that I'd be okay with taking an indirect jab at Vince Lombardi within the context of this blog. I was wrong. I'm typing this exactly 42 seconds after I wrote the Lombardi line and I'm nauseous, have blurry vision and am sweating. That last one is par for the course though. My aplogies to Saint Vince. I should have googled a different reference but I got lazy. Bush league.

  • Fresh Brew!*

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Preach Johnny Drama! Preach! This was 200% me at the end of last night's Brewer game in Pittsburgh. 9 game losing streak is dunzo. Now we can get back to getting to the playoffs/winning the World Series. As a sidenote you like how I've gone from 100%, to 130%, to 170% to now 200% to express my over exagerration of points? That's the great thing about numbers, they don't end. By December I might be on 800%, and next year I might drop goo goo plex on you.

    Anyway, it has been since May frieking 9th that I've been able to write about a Brewers victory. How long ago is that even? It's like July right now right? Honestly though 12 days without a win during baseball season feels like 10 years. But against all odds the Brewers got timely hitting, solid starting pitching, three clean innings from the bullpen, and Ken Macha stayed awake through the entire thing. Throw those four things in a hat because they are all equally shocking. And you know it's been a long time inbetween wins when Carlos Villanueva was pumping his fist after the final out like he just closed out game 7 of the World Series. But whatever, at this point a win is a win. I've already watched the highlights of this game on about 19 times this morning. I keep going back to double check that the game did in fact happen last night and I didn't just dream it. Heck it's been so long since the bullpen has had a stellar outing I thought I was going to just see grainy photos of it online like a Sasquatch sighting. "Here's what appears to be Brewer's relievers throwing strikes and getting outs, well either that or a man in a gorilla costume."

    The real story from last night though is this John Axford kid. Tell me you don't love him already. I'm not talking Ryan Braun style man crush.......yet. Impeccable mustache and throws 97 mph filth on the black. Check and check. He's Rollie Fingers version 2.0. I almost feel like the mustache is a part of his success. Batters step in to the box, are mesmerized by the stache, and before you know it, BOOM, 97 mph gas going past you. Like the baseball equivalent of Medusa.

    I do seriously feel like this is what this team needs. The AAA team in Nashville has one of the best bullpen ERAs in the minor leagues. Axford was a part of that, Zach Braddock is a lefty version of Axford (minus the stache) and could be on his way up any day now. Infuse this team with some youth and power pitching. Add these guys and subtract some Suppan's and Vargas's and maybe we can turn this thing around. Bonus word: mustache.

    *I could go all day with 'Brew' headlines. I spent 17 minutes yesterday cataloging my options in a Word document. Missed three on air breaks because of it. Stale Brew, Fresh Brew, Flat Brew, Hot Brew, Cold Brew, Brew Brew. Alright that last one is a reach I'll grant you but the others are gold Jerry! Gold!


  • Get me this 2 year old football savant!

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Note the date. May 20th, 2010. This is the date where, after watching this video, I am not completely horrified/still horrified of having at child at some point in my life. What's the old saying? When life gives you lemons make lemonade? So when life gives you a child make that child learn every NFL team logo before he can even say his own name or know his age? I think I heard that somewhere. Honestly this kid (Ben) has to be on the fast track to hosting The Blitz on ESPN by 2015. He is to NFL knowledge what Bobby Fischer was to chess. Chris Berman has been officially put on notice. Actually forget 2015, at this point I'm fairly certain if you sat down Berman next to Ben and pointed at random helmets Ben answers way more correct than the Swam.

    So yeah, you can pretty much bank on my child getting the same type of treatment that this child is getting. Lock them in a basement until they can name every Brewer player from 1990-present, then make a youtube video and BLAMO; an overnight star. Parenting 101 as far as I'm concerned. I love at the 1:29 mark where young Ben answers "Cardinals" when dad points at the Chargers helmet. Dad: "Come on get serious now, I'm trying to make you a star, act like you've been there before!" And don't tell me for a second you didn't tear up when he called the Cowboys the Cowgirls. Bravo Ben! Bravo! But little did we know at that point that his jab at Dallas was a warm up for a double burn on the Viqueens, and telling Brett Favre to "Stay home grandpa." Ironcially Ken Macha may be getting that same message any day. The least the Brewers could do is get Ben to call Ken and deliver the message. Bonus word: grandpa.

    PS: The Jaguars should 200% change their name to the Jag Waggers. I don't even know what the hell a Jag Wagger is but it sounds way cooler than Jaguars. My guess is attendance jumps the day the switch is made. Little Ben playing chess while everyone is playing checkers.

  • Second Packers Post in May...

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    This=bad news for the prospects of the Brewers this season. Can I add a "PS" to my letter to Doug Melvin from yesterday? About finding some way to unload Trevor Hoffman? Ughhh, Jon from March can't believe that Jon in May is even typing that. But that's what it's come to, Hoffman is like Mick Jagger around your daughter, he can't be trusted. Honestly, Marco Estrada looked like Cy Young yesterday compared to Trevor Hoffman. Marco Estrada. I mean is this even earth anymore?

    Sigh....anyhow that's all I can muster up about the Brewers today, honestly I'd rather watch every episode every aired of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman back-to-back-to-back than think about the Brewers again today. I'd rather watch every XFL game beginning to end than wonder if the season is over.

    So with that I wanted to talk about an article I read in the Journal Sentinel on Sunday. If you haven't checked it out here's a link:

    It chronicles Jermichael Finley's of-fseason and how he plans on going from a limitless talent who is a head case to fans and management, to a limitless talent who is a head case for opposing defenses (look at that line baby! My intro to journalism professor would be proud). Seriously if I'm Lovie Smith or Brad Childress reading this I am HORRIFIED of what this kid is going to accomplish this season. You think Brian Urlacher's going to be able to stop him? BWHAHAHA. I've got a better chance of calling the cable company and not getting an automated message. Just this line alone:

     "I laid everything on the table," Finley said. "I did it so they can know I want to be a leader coming into 2010 and a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion - I want all of that. I want to be the guy they know can make that happen."

    Like if I read between the lines there he's pretty much saying the Packers have already won the Super Bowl twice this season? I think that sums it up. After reading this it wouldn't shock me if Finley has 2,000 yards and 20 TDs this year. Times two.

    Not to mention this kid is actually motivating me to be better. If he can follow through on these words he pretty much gives hope to everyone who has ever had the words "if he only applied himself" said about them. Like I want to be a better on-air personality. A better blogger. Hell I might even spell check these things before I post them. Whoa, let's not get carried away. Bonus word: domination.

    PS: Sports Illustrated's Peter King has the Packer's #1 in his preseason power rankings. And he's never been wrong about anything. So what if he thought the Bears would be in the Super Bowl last season? Let those among us who haven't had sports predictions go wrong cast the first stone. I'm 25 years old and so far I'm 0-25 in predicting the Wrold Series champion. So when Peter King says the Packers are the best team in the NFL, I have no choice but to believe him.

  • To Whom it may Concern....

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Dear Doug Melvin,

    How's it going? I hope this message finds you well. I know it's been a tough brutal vomit inducing season so far. The pitching stinks, the timely hitting stinks, the fans are getting upset and the team is behind the Pirates in the standings. The Pittsburgh Pirates Doug. Did you know people are calling for YOUR job? I know, it's a tough business. Now I know that like me, you understand baseball is a long season. There's time to turn this thing around. Remember the Rockies in 2007? They were like 10 games under .500 in July and made the playoffs. So panicking is not the answer. Yet. And far be it from me, a humble blogger, to tell you how to do your job. I mean the Richie Sexson deal with the Diamondbacks in 2003? Brilliant! The CC trade? Masterful. Hell you've even made all stars out of Derrick Turnbow and Dan Kolb. But I feel at this juncture, there are some things that need to get, ummmmmm, shall we say 'tweeked' if this team is going to turn it around. Take this advice for what it's worth, but keep in mind I led the Kansas City Royals to a World Series title in MVP Baseball on my PS2 in 2003. I guided the A's to a championship last year on my PS3. So yeah, I pretty much know what it takes.

    #1: Trade Manny Parra while you still can. Look I know it's tough to give up on a guy with Cy Young talent. And as any Brewers fan who has watched any Parra start over the last 3 years can tell you, he's got filthy stuff. In fact he once threw a perfect game in AAA. Did you know that? Well that's all well and good, but the bottom line is this guy is 27 years old now. He hasn't had a consistent season in......ever. Actually he's a lot like Bill Pullman in that way. For every Independence Day there's a Lake Placid. For every Wyatt Earp a Casper. For every shutout a one inning 9 runs allowed performance. Point being we can't just keep this guy for fear of him going somewhere else and dominating. He's eating up space in a depleted bullpen, and you could probably package him with a Gamel and maybe go get a Roy Oswalt? Which leads me to...

    #2: Cut Jeff Suppan. Along with Parra he is eating another space in our thin bullpen. Honestly people wonder why the bullpen is cashed? Because two of the seven guys out there only get in games when we're up by 10 or down by 10. Like me in middle school basketball. "Welp, Jon's in, we've either won or lost already." Because make no mistake about it, Suppan or Parra are not going to go into a game that we can win. So subtract both of those guys, and only using Hoffman in save situations, you're left with Coffey, Villa, Vargas and Stetter to use every day. I know it hurts to basically pay a guy to go away, but that money is spent anyway. Let's face it, Jeff Suppan is like milk. You didn't check the expiration date in 2006 when you signed him. If you had we could have avoided this whole mess, but we all make mistakes. The goal now though is to just dump the sour milk, don't drink it just because you spent money on it. Milk 101.

    #3: If this team isn't treading water by June 1st; fire Ken Macha. Listen I'll admit that I'm not one to just fire baseball managers. Is firing Ken Macha going to make Dave Bush give up less runs? No. Is firing Ken Macha going to allow Trevor Hoffman to morph into the Hoffman from last year? Probably not. But sometimes change for the sake of change can ignite a team. Like when I buy new basketball shoes. Do they make me any better at basketball? Not a lick. But I sure feel better out there, and confidence is everything in baseball. Not to mention Ken Macha's got about as much conviction as I do when I head to the landromat. It even got to the point last week that when I saw Ned Yost managing the Royals I missed him. Ned friekin Yost Doug. So who knows, you put Willie or Dale in charge maybe it lights a fire and maybe it doesn't, but at least you went down making all the moves you could. That plus there's a "Fire Ken Macha" facebook fan page, and if Betty White taught us anything it's that facebook rules the world.

    In closing, I like you. I really do. You made this franchise relevant again through great drafts and astute trades. But I'm already googling "Packer's training camp" and it's only May. I'll stick with the whole season because I'm German and can't quit anything. But let's make an effort to turn this thing around. Bonus word: change.

  • Stale Brew

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    The year was 2005. A young Jonathan was in college in Stevens Point. Gas cost 2 beers a gallon (everything was in beer math in school). MySpace was more popular than Facebook. You could download music for free (illegally). If I wanted to text some one 'hi,' I had to hit the number 4 twice and then three times. Hell, 'google' wasn't even an adjective yet, and professor's thought that Wikipedia was a valid source of information*.

    And our Milwaukee Brewers were beginning a brand new era. One of optimism and youthful exuberance. After more than a decade of futility the promises that better days were ahead with our bumper crop of young blue chip prospects were on the verge of being fulfilled. Rickie was coming. Prince was coming. JJ was already here and Corey was on the way. Braunie was just drafted and on the fast track to being a perennial all star/MVP candidate/man crush of every Wisconsin sports fan. The old 80's Brewers logo was making a comeback and Miller Park was filling up for the first time since the inaugural season is 2001. Everyone was Brewers drunk, and latching on to the confidence and talent of these young kids who were infusing energy into a comatose franchise. Not that that's hard to do when guys like Glendon Rusch were frontline starters earlier in the decade (whoop....just threw up a little).

    The reason I bring this up is because after watching an 0-6 home stand this past week, I had part of my rage assuaged on Saturday night when FSN played a Brewer's Classic game from 2005. June 25th 2005 to be exact. It was a game at Miller Park against the Twins, Weeks hit his first career bomb, Fielder hit his first career bomb, and Ryan Braun was in the broadcast booth days after he was drafted in early June. You could feel the enthusiasm for Brewers baseball oozing from the TV. It was fun to go back to a time where expectations were low, and 'fun factor' was high (and back to a time when my one responsibility every day was to wake up before noon). Like if THAT team started 15-22 like this one has, we'd all just be able to brush it off because we knew better days were ahead.

    And I think that's also where a lot of the angst is coming from Brewers fans these days. In 2005 we believed that even if we had some bad days, we were on our way to annual games in October and maybe, just maybe, a championship. Now it's 2010. And a lot of the players from that team are gone. All we have is a Wild Card banner to show for it, and without a blockbuster trade we 200% don't even get that. Now before you know it Prince could be gone too, and in the span of 5 years hope and optimism have turned to disappointment with a hint of bitterness. It feels like we got a blank check in 2005 but when we went to cash it there was only $20 we could take out of the account. There's still plenty of time to get it turned around, but if this team can't start winning at home, June 25th 2010 is going to feel a lot different than June 25th did in 2005. Bonus word: past.

    *The chances that I graduate without Wikipedia are -10%. My final paper in college professors were just starting to put 'Wiki' stipulations in their term paper requirements. I had to go to the library and use microfilm and everything. Took me 25 minutes to load that stuff up. And it wasn't even in HD. Brutal.

    PS: You know how long ago 2005 was? I don't think Youtube even existed. I couldn't find video of that game anywhere. Like how did people blog back then? Scanners and newspaper clippings? Pfft. No thanks.

  • LeFraud!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    I consider myself to be a pretty respectful sports fan. Unless you're playing the Bucks/Brewers/Packers, I won't go out of my way to root against you for any reason. Unless you play for the Cubs. Or Bears. Or Bulls. Or any other team not named the Bucks/Brewers/Packers. But beyond that I'm cool with you. But last night as I watched the anointed one, LeBron James, walk off the court about 7 rounds earlier than anyone thought (I think the NBA playoffs are 9 rounds right?) I had to crack a little smile. And by 'crack a little smile' I mean 'laugh diabolically.' Because the video above is a microcosm of what the Cavaliers have been doing for every game, all year long. And I witnessed it first hand at the Bradley Center...(cue flashback music)

    December 6th. A Packers bye week Sunday. Cavaliers vs. Bucks at the Bradley Center. I was one of thousands of people in Packers attire confused as to how I ended up at an NBA game on an NFL Sunday, but the Bucks were playing well and I thought I'd check out this LeBron character live. So the Bucks jump out to an early lead, the Bradley Center is rocking and rolling, and in the span of about 5 minutes the Cavs realized who they were playing and flipped the switch. It was a 30 point blowout by halftime. And for the duration of the game every fan in attendance had to watch as LeBron danced DURING THE GAME ON THE FLOOR. With no recourse. Now I knew from highlights on Sportscenter* that this team was notoriously cocky. Probably the cockiest team in the NBA. And I realize that's a pretty close competition between all 30 NBA teams. Sort of like saying Heidi Klum is the 'hottest' of all the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. An argument can be made for any one of them. But that's a different debate for a different day.

    The point here is that this team got exactly what was coming to them. They infiltrated every NBA arena all season long, conducted themselves with less class than me at Taco Bell post bar close, and presumed themselves the champs of the NBA. So here we are in May and they don't even make it to the conference finals. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bonus word: funny.

    *Sportscenter is going to be insufferable to watch between now and August. LeBron is now a free agent and free agency starts on July 1st. Between that and 'Favre Watch 2010' I'll be amazed if I see more than 3 highlights on that show anymore.

    PS: Brett Favre has got to be the person most upset about this development. Who's going to care if he's coming out of retirement if all anyone is talking about will be LeBron's new destination?! The gall!

  • University of Oregon students are the Rick Roll Champions of the World!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Bravo! Encore! Look if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, if you're going to Rick Roll someone, don't half ass it. Rule #31: No Excuses, play like a champion. And these guys played for keeps. Beautiful execution, calm demeanor, clear pitch; check, check check. That plus a bunch of guys from Oregon made it through an entire Rick Astley song on a subway in New York and managed to remain upright. Bonus points there. I've only been on the New York subway system twice in my life, but you quickly learn to keep your head down and don't make eye contact or talk to anyone. These gentleman not only made their presence known, they drew attention to themselves. Anyone can Rick Roll someone on youtube from the safety of their personal computer, it takes guts to hit the streets. Somewhere Rick Astley smiles.

    As a side note I think Rick Rolling is like a right of passage in our culture now? Like everyone has a Rick Roll story, and if you don't you don't spend enough time on the internet. I can remember my first time, I was searching for a Family Guy segment (the one where Peter is watching the intro to "Maude") and 22 seconds in, BOOM "Never gonna give you uuupppp...". And you can't turn off the video once Astley starts, he is so oddly compelling. In fact that should be the title of his autobiography: "Oddly Compelling: The Rick Astley Story." Bonus word: astley.

    PS: Time to break out my 3 1/2" floppy of Doom. If I knew about this weapon that game would have been a cake walk!

  • Strange Crew

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    My address in college at Stevens Point was 1724 Main Street. I lived there with my buddies, Rob, John, and Travis. And like any typical college house it wasn't in the 'best' condition when we moved in, but it was serviceable. It had two fridges, one for beer and the other for beer. It had a (little used) shower, a living room, a table where we could eat Ramen and Easy Mac, and even a basement with a laundry room. Unless Mom is reading this, then it definitely did NOT have a laundry room where I could do my own laundry. Nope.

    Anyhow the house remained in decent semi-dilapidated condition until one day we had our friends over for a party. It started out innocently enough; a beer spilled here, a beer spilled there, ho-hum, no bid deal. Then all of a sudden a cake gets dropped....with lit candles on top. Before you know it chair breaks. Then someone who clearly could not hold they alcohol (read: me) 'redeposits' some of it on the floor. Chips get spilled and stepped on, cigarette butts put out on the couch, yada yada yada. In the span of five hours our humble abode has turned into a disaster area with FEMA personnel on the scene! Sort of like in Old School after Mitch-a-Pooloza.

    And of course there wasn't a chance we were going to clean it up. It just got worse, and worse and worse, to the point that by the time we moved out our landlord probably would have been better off pouring gas on it and lighting a match as opposed to trying to rescue his investment. To this day I haven't been back to Point since graduation and would be shocked if human beings still lived there.

    Anyhow the point of all of this is a word of warning to the Brewers: Keep letting people in to your house and doing what they want, and before you know it your house is not your house anymore at all, it's a run down barely recognizable duplex in Stevens Point. I think that's the old saying right? 4-10 at home? Really? It's at the point right now where I'm looking at the schedule and waiting for the next road trip. And what has Dave Bush done to the Brewers organization? He has to have done something to someone right? Only explanation for a 1-3 record when he probably should be 4-1. Dude's only had one truly bad start. I guess either way at this point they are doing there best to mitigate a 9-14 start with a 6-4 month of May. I'm still not panicking, but the fact that I'm still typing "I'm still not panicking" in mid-May is best characterized as 'not good.' Bonus word: home.

    PS: I laughed out loud at this line in the JSONLINE recap written today:

    'It was the 10th loss in 14 home games for the Brewers, who are protecting Miller Park the way Rome was protected against the Visigoths.'

    How long do you think the Tom Haudricourt has been waiting to work that one into a Brewers article? I had to google it just to figure out the reference. I guess it goes to show you, if you pay attention in history class you don't have to write an entire blog about your pathetic college house, you can sum it up in one sentence. Well played Haudricourt, well played.

  • Take 2 for the Claymaker!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Rarely in life are there chances to atone for mistakes made. Like no matter how much I want to, there is absolutely no way I can go back to a time BEFORE I spent all of my first communion money on an authentic Vin Baker jersey. And if I had the chance to say 'no' to the question 'want to play some flip cup?' the night before finals my junior year in Stevens Point, I probably would have. But I can't. No one can. All you can do is look back at it, hopefully learn from it, and when the situation presents itself again make a better choice/make the same mistake twice.

    The NFL however has one of those rare chances today friends. From the Journal Sentinel:

    'For the first time since the award was first given out in 1967, The Associated Press has decided to have its voters decide again which player should be named the 2009 NFL defensive rookie of the year.'

    This comes after news broke last week that the player that HAD been named the defensive rookie of the year, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, had tested positive for a banned substance in September of 2009 and will be suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season. Wait....September of 2009? Like at the beginning of the season LAST YEAR? Really NFL? I think paperwork moves faster at Initech than it does at NFL headquarters. Guess they didn't get the memo about the TPS reports.

    Well either way this means that the door is open for Matthews to claim what one brilliant, well written, and handsome blogger wrote about him after the Steelers 5 months ago:

    '- Clay Matthews had two more sacks yesterday (should have been three), ho-hum, 10 sacks on the year and relentless pressure on the QB. He should have the defensive rookie of the year on lock, but has he entered into the NFL defensive player of the year conversation? How much fun is Dom Capers having with this kid in his 3-4 defense? It's like getting pocket aces in hold'em on every hand.'

    I won't go over how many pages of bad/insane predictions I have put in this blog in between then and now, but you get the point. This award should have been given to him initially, and now the those that vote on the award have a chance to do so. Because I would argue that there weren't many defensive players in the NFL, let alone rookies, that had more impact plays than Clay did in 2009/10. Apparently voting wraps up at 11am tomorrow, is that enough time to get a "Matthews for Defensive Rookie of the Year Part 2" facebook fan page going? If it worked for Betty White......bonus word: clay.

    PS: I guess we could just email the NFL this video package. But at the rate this Cushing character's positive test came to light, Clay probably wouldn't get the award until 2015: