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  • What the hell is going on here?

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Do you ever get the feeling that something is off in your life? Like you've got a decent dominant job (almost forgot Eddie reads these things), nice apartment, every major gaming system, things are going well. No complaints. But something still feels off? Well friends after 25 years on this earth I finally got to the crux of the problem ('crux' is my word of the day....and yes the only reason I know it is because I read Harry Potter). Here's the story of how I uncovered ony of my life's great mysteries.

    So I'm at home a couple of weeks ago and my mom busts out some old family photo albums. Ho-Hum. Par for the course when the family gets together, a trip down memory lane. So I put down my Cocoa Krispies and decided to watch on for a while (and when I can tear myself away from chocolate cereal you know it's serious business). We're steadily going through the years in chronological order, we see my sister, Cortney, when she was the only child for four years (I have never seen a smile like the one she had while she was running the house solo) then we get to me being born and my early childhood years. Hey look there's an impossibly cute young Jonathan on the swing set! There's a dashingly handsome 3 year old Jonathan opening his Ghostbuster fire house on Christmas! There's Jonathan wearing a Dallas Cowboy's jacket! There's Jonathan.....wait what? In the words of George Costanza, let's back it up....beep....beep....beep. Why the hell am I adorned in Cowboys silver and blue?! I mean, yeah, I'm making those Cowboys colors look as good as they possibly can, but seriously?

    So my mom tells me that it was a hand me down jacket from my cousins and that is how I ended up with it. Now my cousin's are Bears fans, which is bad enough anyway, but why would they have a Cowboy's jacket then? Have their lives been adversely affected all these years too? I feel like I'm at the beginning of an Indiana Jones movie with more questions than answers. But instead of searching for The Ark of the Covenant I want to find this jacket and burn it. Maybe then I'll start feeling like myself again. I mean look at what just wearing Cowboy's colors makes you do! I'm crying and trying to rip my eyeballs out! there's my story, it is tragic but I feel better now that it is all out in the open. Wearing Cowboy's paraphernalia is like admiting to a drinking problem, or that I watched every season of Power Rangers. Whoa...did I just type that out loud? Bonus word: tragic. Comment coming from my mom in 5....4....3.....

    PS: The Ghostbusters Fire House is EASILY the greatest Christmas present I have ever received. And I did get it from my parents, so that sort of makes up for this photo.

  • Guide us Bucky, patron saint of March!

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Look at Bucky Badger go. It's just not fair. It's a Tuesday, ho-hum, just solving complex quadratic equations while slaying the ladies on campus. Do you think Bucky got this girl's number? Is water wet? Does Michael Bay blow stuff up in movies? Is Jeff Suppan overpaid? (honestly I think I work the Brewers into 98% of these blogs). 

    Anyway the purpose of this blog (and there is one..........maybe) is that I have finally found out what is going to get me through the dark and boring month of February, on to March, and eventually opening day. Two words. Badger. Basketball. Now generally I only pay casual semi-obsessive attention to college basketball until this point because: A. College basketball is not like college football where every game is life and death and B. Packer football and the 19 fantasy football leagues I'm in occupy all of my time and brain capacity from August till February (in a related story I hope to one day go on a date). It's at this point that I generally take a look at the Big Ten standings and find ways to justify why the Badgers could make a final four run. Some season's that is a difficult task (read: when Maurice Linton is your premiere player), but over the course of the Bo Ryan's tenure in Madison, he has made my radical predictions for this team seem somewhat coherent.

    The bottom line is this team still plays basketball the way it was meant to be played (Memo to the Milwaukee Bucks...) with defense and grinding offense possessions that involve, gasp!, more than three passes. That plus Bo is a straight up pro at recruiting. What boggles my mind is why preseason prognosticators pegged this team to finish 8th out of 11 teams in the Big Ten. Trevon Hughes is an experienced scoring point guard, Jordan Taylor is basically Hughes version 2.0 as a sophomore, Jason Bohanon is an assassin from distance, and guys like Keaton Nankivil play hard nosed D and can shoot from anywhere on the court. He's got the perfect blend of youth and experience, and the Badgers are sitting at 18-6 while playing the majority of their schedule without their best player, Jon Leuer, who fractured a wrist back in January. He's expected back in a couple of weeks, which will only make this team an even bigger matchup problem for opponents down the road.

    On top of all that Bo Ryan is 134-11 all time at the Kohl Center. As in 134 wins and 11 losses in 10 years. Is he serious with that record? Like dude, I understand that it's fun to play Madden with the difficulty setting on 'rookie,' but at some point you've got to move it up a notch when you're routing teams 65-3. And while they did just lose to Illinois at home to fall to 4th in the Big Ten standings I guarantee this team is not going to lose another regular season game. If they don't wrap up the regular season on a 6 game conference winning streak than I won't play Playstation for a month week day.

    So there you go, the Badgers get to the final four and play for a championship the Monday of opening day. How sexy is that sentence? The only sad thing about this Badger team is that I fell for what analysts were saying preseason. I expected nothing from this team. I need to say 5 "Our Bucky's" and repent;

    Our Bucky who art in mad-town, hallowed be thy name. The tournament will come, it will be won, in Indy as it is at the Kohl Center. Give us this season our annual top 15 finish, and forgive the national doubters. As we forgive those who hate on defense and working the shot clock. Lead us not into an early tournament exit and deliver us a victory parade. On Wisconsin!

    Bonus word: bucky.

    PS: I wrote most of this blog as the Badgers were BEATING Illinois. Leave it to the Illini to spoil my timing. Although that loss may hurt the Badgers chances of winning a Big Ten title, having a top 3 seed blah blah blah. Seeds don't matter in the tournament if you are a good team, which this team is.

    PSS: "Quadratic" is the only thing I remember from high school algebra.

  • Everybody Panic!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    In the words of Teddy KGB from Rounders, pay this man his money. Honestly get this guy the weather emmy! I want to move to Baltimore just to watch him deliver the forecast every night. Normally I turn on channel 4 at 10pm, get bored, turn it off with the intention of going back for sports, then forget about sports until 13 seconds after it's over. It's my own personal news cycle of shame. But if Jim Kosek were my weather man? I'd be locked and loaded for the entire 30 minutes. If you are an anchor on this show how do you even go on after that performance? It's gold Jerry! Gold!

    On a sidenote how awesome were snow days when you were in school? You'd watch guys like Jim Kosek talk about pounds of snow about to drop from the skies and wait for your parents to wake you up and tell you that you didn't have to wake up (wait what?). Then it was a day jam packed with Nintendo 64 and building snowforts more Nintendo 64. Anyway I guess in the real world all this means is that you have to get up earlier to shovel, clean off your car, and prepare to slide all over the road as a 5 minute commute becomes half an hour. Growing up=overrated. Bonus word: shovel.

    PS: I've had this video emailed to me by a bunch of people (and by 'bunch of people' I mean 'my mom') and have been waiting to get a snow storm strong enough to justify putting it up. And wouldn't you know it? Mother nature green lit this blog by dumping 10 inches of snow on us. But that almost seems weak compared to 14 TO 22 INCHES OF SNOW!! And that's just the first problem!

    PSS: I totally fell into the trap of battling snow drifiting that Jim was talking about while I was helping my parents shovel last night (I figure they paid for thousands of dollars of tuition, I shovel twice a year. Even Steven.). After 20+ years of shoveling I should know that when it drifts once, there's no point in re-shoveling. But I'm also German. I can't let anything go. I'll stay out here and shovel all night if I have to. You won't win snow.

    PSSS: Snow won.


  • Great Scott!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Who Dat Dog:1. Peyton Manning: 0. Well did I tell you or did I tell you? Not only did the Saints cover, but they won the whole freakin thing! And if you page down one blog you will see that I called it baby! WHOOOOO!  I mean I'm starting conversations with people coffee mugs at work just to tell them about my correct prediction. "Man major snowstorm coming today, yeah, hey did you hear I called the winner of the Super Bowl last night?" And so on and so forth. This only proves to me that I need to consult Who Dat dog on every major life desicion I have in my life. Hungry Man or Lunchables for dinner tonight Who Dat dog? Some other ramblings from Super Bowl XLV.....XLVI?.......44.

    - I thought it was a pretty weak year for commercials. With that said my favorites were; 1. Betty White Snickers, 2. Google search engine, 3. 6 more weeks of football with mini Troy Palamalu, 4. Simpsons Coke, 5. Betty White Snickers, 6. Dorito's kid with his two rules. The Bud Light human bridge was pretty decent as well. So yeah, by 'pretty weak' I meant 'pretty entertaining' I suppose as I listed off almost every commercial.

    - I also wonder how many Sheboyganites logged on to after that ad. As a life long member of the Sheboygan community I know nothing stirs emotions quite like the words 'free' and 'brats.' If the two are ever seen combined I'm 90% sure this city will explode. In any case Dockers got me, I logged on in .4 seconds. Only to find out you had to enter to win and they were only giving away like a thousand pairs of pants. But now everytime I try to type a url into my web browser there is '' mocking me.

    - I'm beginning to think that Phil Simms was hired solely to incorporate the "Phil-osophy' segment. I mean they went to that video package like 27 times. If Simms ever quits my vote is for Phil Collins to slide right into that seat. The guy basically saved the drums as an instrument with his epic solo during "In the Air Tonight." That is way more pivotal than Phil Simms having won two Super Bowl titles. Advantage: Collins.

    - The Leno, Letterman, Oprah ad wasn't bad either. Okay I liked the ads this year.

    - I thought The Who was a decent halftime act, although based on the status updates I saw on facebook afterwards not too many people agreed. And I have like 24 friends, so that's a good sample size right? As my buddy Pat texted me 'he can still hit the scream' which is basically all you need to do as the frontman of The Who so I'd say they faired pretty well. In a related story despite appearing on the sports page Pat still texts me, so damn kind of him to relate to the commoners still.

    - Somewhere while he was counting his money from Hyundai, Brett Favre smiled at the Manning pick.

    So another Super Bowl in the books. 12 hours later, is it too early to proclaim the Packers as the 2010 favorite? I waited 11 hours and 52 minutes longer than I normally do. Mainly because I was rooting for the Saints and am giving them the extra 11 hours to drink in their first ever championship. Typically I'm not a huge fan of rooting for a new team once your's is eliminated but in this case I'm pretty sure unless you have been a lifelong Colts fan EVERYONE else wanted to see the Saints win. So going against my nature I got invested in another team. Like when Apollo Creed and Rocky joined forces in Rocky III after being mortal enemies in the first two films. Sometimes an alliance isn't so bad. Also there's this picture;

    I mean I almost teared up have already cried 9 times just looking at that. It almost makes me want to have kids at some feel that? That's my mom getting panicky reading that last sentence. Phone call coming in 5....4.....3... Bonus word: super.

  • Fire up the DeLorean!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    I need to hit 88mph go back in time and bet on these two games! Honestly I don't even know why Stu Feiner has his real name on here. First name: The. Last name: Source. Book it. Tell me The Source doesn't remind you of a love child between Jimmy the Greek and motivational speaker Matt Foley! Also didn't it look like he was about to run out of gas at the 57 second mark? Seemed like he had finally reached "E", but like Kramer test driving Jerry's car he took it below the slash on the final 'SIIIXXXXXXX!'

    Anyway the reason that I post this is because this is exactly how I feel about the Super Bowl line (only if I tried to make this video I would have passed out 15 seconds into before the camera was turned on). Saints at +5.5? I'll take that 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Not because of Drew Brees. Not because of Sean Payton. Not because God owes New Orleans some kind of joy. I can say with 190% certainty that not only with New Orleans cover, they will win, because of this:

    Advantage: Saints. You hear that? That's Peyton Manning crying as 21321432 Saints fans post that on his facebook fan page. May as well not even play the game on Sunday. Just run a loop of commercials and a live camera on Bourbon Street for the post game celebration.

    Bonus word is 'free.' Because like The Source I just gave you that advice absolutely free. Absolutely free. Absolutely free.

    PS: Reason #2 why the Saints will win? Joe Lombardi is their quarterbacks coach. As in Vince Lombardi's grandson. Does this mean that when the Saints win the Packers basically win the trophy too? Seems like it has to doesn't it?

    Double PS: To learn how to spell 'DeLorean' I had to visit their website. Turns out they still sell these things used online. Around $35,000 to get your own. I'll have to use the money I win on this game to buy one. The listing doesn't say if that comes with a flux capacitor or not. That plus there's not a link to a site to buy plutonium. Do I have to get acquire that from Libyan terrorists? Sigh...I'm gonna need a vacation day.


  • Epic.

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    If ever an alien landed on earth or someone from another country came visiting and asked me to tell them in 2 minutes and 16 seconds what the culture of America was like, I wouldn't say a word.  I would simply press play on this video and let it do the talking. And while it does seem like a waste of good beer in some of these leaps, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Honestly the Bucks should strongly consider drafting the kid who dunked into the cup sitting in the pool. That should be on his resume. No GPA. No credentials. No previous job experience. Just beer pong dunks. Hired.

    Also, is this what college kids are doing these days? Hardcore. I remember when we'd drink Ecto Cooler and stay up past quiet hours during finals week and THAT was disruptive. Now kids are listening to unedited House of Pain and demolishing beer pong tables in dorm hallways? Man, things aren't the way they used to be in the good ol' early 2000's. Is there a beer pong game for the Wii already in production? Bonus word: 'pong.'

    PS: I actually did have an experience where I roomed with a foreign exchange student for three weeks in the summer of 2003 in Stevens Point. His name was Rashpaul and he was from Pakistan. The second he got unpacked I exploited graciously asked if, because he was 24, he wanted to walk across the street and buy us some beer. He experienced his first case of Miller and Dominos that night. Nothing more Americana than that. Although I think that did lead him down a path of non stop house parties and keggers. He may have been kicked out of school 3 months later.

    PSS: Sorry Rashpaul.

    Also here is a picture of Team B93 owning a beer pong match a couple of summers ago. Look at my form. Perfect. While I may not have the style of these dunks I get the job done. Like the John Stockton of beer pong. Also I'm 170% sure I missed the entire table on that shot. But hey, the picture looks solid.

  • Brewers=Turning up the Heat!

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Alright this picture was stolen from JSONLINE so hopefully I'm not in jail by the time you read this. But I've been a loyal reader of their free content and haven't paid for a paper since 1997 so I think we should be on pretty good terms huh? Anyhow the purpose of this picture is to point out that my friend Pat is famous. Like I've known this guy since 6th grade, and we've been best buds for a long time. Serious bromance stuff going on, we've beaten video games, watched Wrestlemania's and screamed drunkenly at people like Jeff Suppan for years (in fact there's like a 12% chance one of us is cursing Suppan right now). That's about as deep as it gets for guys. I mean we're basically a shared Nachos Supreme away from being married.  But I 180% don't expect to hear from him again. Ever. Because once you make the front page (of the sports section albeit, but hey, that's my front page) wearing Brewers apparel, your life is basically made. It's all house parties with Bernie Brewer and speaking engagements from here on out for him. So there he is, far right, with the retro Braun and backwards hat, staring at Ryan Braun signing autographs and wondering how much jail time he would do if he just bum rushed the stage. He may as well be a Beatle now. So long Pat. It's been fun.

    Honestly Brewers On Deck was a blast yesterday, if only because the time period from now until March Madness almost makes me want to read a book. Yeah. Did I? For sure not. But it crossed my mind. Hell I even watched 11 minutes of the Winter X Games. 11 minutes of my life I can never have back. For those of you who haven't been to one of these yet, it's basically a ton of Brewers players signing autographs, beer, questions and answers with general managers and managers, beer, waiting in line, and beer. All of the money goes to Brewer's charities so you even feel good about yourself afterwards.

    I did learn many things during my inaugural run though. #1 Get there early. I was genuinely disappointed in myself as a German Sheboyganite for thinking that 'I should be able to just walk in when this thing starts at 10am.' I=all sorts of wrong. And I come from a family that shows up 45 minutes early for everything. We celebrate Christmas on the 23rd  19th every year just to make sure we get it in on time. All in all it took 45 minutes to get in and then a lot of standing in lines after that. The lines were longest for Fielder and Braun (gasp!) and I think the line Pat is in here is for Braun. He may still be in that line as I type this. So being impatient in general I decided to just get the autographs of the players with the shortest lines. That strategy led to a Brewers batting helmet complete with Jody Gerut, George Kottras, LaTroy Hawkins, Josh Butler, and Randy Wolf autographs. Jealous much? I don't think Jody Gerut's mom was even in line for his autograph! In any case, the helmet may be worth less now than when it was clean, but the joke's on everyone else when Jody Gerut bats .310 this seas.....haha...nevermind.

    Another thing I learned from this event was that the Brewers are going to win the World Series this season. Fact. The offense is back in tact and the pitching staff is improved even before the addition of one of the best pitching coaches in the game; Rick Peterson. He was using like 6 syllable words while explaining the biomechanics of pitching, reducing injury and effectiveness while limiting runs given up. So yeah, my guess is we have one of the best rotations in baseball. It's science at this point. And just to wet your palate a bit (and by 'your' I mean 'my'):


    WHOOOOOOO! Bonus word: 'science.' 







  • Add this to the list....

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Of things that make me happy!

    1. Brewers/Packers

    2. Naps

    3. Cheesecake

    4. KFAN call of Favre ruining the Vikings season

    5. Naps

    Yesterday morning all I could find was the Saints play by play team's call and I was wondering where the Vikings call was. Like did they burn that tape immediately? But lo and behold, I wake up from a nap yesterday afternoon and there waiting for my like Christmas morning was this audio. It's the Red Ryder bee bee gun of Viking's fail. And it was better than I could have dreamed, I've already listened to this 54345 65465 times and it's only 9am.

    Honestly does the color commentator who is screaming at the end need to be watched for the next 3-5 days? He seemed emotionally unstable at the end of that call. Was that maybe Ryan Longwell? WE COULD HAVE KICKED A 56 YARD FIELD GOAL!!!!! Then again I was essentially screaming the same things at the end of the 2007 game against the Giants. Only louder and into a microphone in my bedroom and not on the air.

    Also I am starting to believe that Brett Favre went to Minnesota to lead them all the way to the NFC championship with the intention of making one of his patented throws at the most inopportune times and sink the franchise. It was plotted and schemed better than an A-Team mission. Execpt one hatched by Murdock, those were always doomed to failure. 

    Bonus word: plot.

    PS: The A-Team trailer looks UNREAL. Watch:

    Double PS: This blog was an excuse to talk A-Team.

  • Second verse same as the first...

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Take 1, ACTION!


    Cut! Take 2, roll it!


    Good to see that two years later the ol' gunslinger's still got it! Seriously if I had to sit through TWO full weeks of Brett Favre and Peyton Manning biopics on ESPN 29 hours a day I would have.....probably.....watched it. But I sure as hell would have had a sirly disposition about it! Also did I just quote 2 Live Crew in that subject line?

    Tell me that every Packer fan wasn't waiting for this play too. Even with the Vikings approaching field goal range in the back of my mind I knew something like this would happen. God forbid you run 5 yards and let the kicker win it. We've seen the script too many times. 2001: 6 picks in St. Louis. 2003: Interception to Dawkins at the end of the Philadelphia game. 2007: Pick to Webster in overtime. 2013: Pick to Revis to end the Super Bowl. Alright that last one happened to me while I was playing Madden on my Playstation as a Packers franchise from 2006, but you get the point.

    Despite the way the game ended, what a compelling game it was. In a year of total playoff game duds, this game and the Packers/Cardinals game were the ONLY two games with drama during the entire playoff season. And yes that is the first time I've brought up the Cardinals game in over a week. Double yes that looking for that 2007 NFC Championship game on youtube was the first time I've even acknowledged that it happened. And I also have to admit that the .00000001% of me that still wanted to believe in Favre, the 13 year old Jon that watched Super Bowl XXXI in a Don Beebe jersey and a cheesehead (also what I wore to work today) started to cheer for Favre a little when he sauntered back on to the field after taking a true beating. I had to check myself "NO....We will not root for him...NO...NOOOOO...NO....Bad Jon....Bad." Once I got past that I was more than happy to enjoy the Vikings loss with the rest of Packer nation. Which is 170% still be celebrated by Ted Thompson at Curley's Pub right now.

    Also, let's not forget the true winner here was Mark Brunnel. Honestly did anyone even know that guy was still in the league? Was Mark Brunnel's wife shocked to see him on the sideline while she was watching on TV? But in the end it was his perfect hold on the game winning field goal that was the difference. From all those years of watching Favre throw interceptions from the bench, to being bounced around 5 different NFL teams, he finally got his vindication 17 years later. Turns out Brunnel was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers. Congrats Mark.

    And for anyone that thinks Favre is done? They=Crazy. Guaranteed this guy was coming back even if he won a ring. I'll say it right here. He's playing next year, and I think another after that. He's an addictive personality and he won't stop until he suffers a debilitating injury (Dear Clay Matthews....). He was addicted to pain killers, then alcohol, and now football. And I get it. He can still play. He still wants to try and win another Super Bowl. Like when I cruised struggled through Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, but then couldn't get through 3 for like 7 months. Did I give up? No. Even when my thumbs were throbbing and I was past my prime I kept coming back until I got it done. So yeah....that's pretty much what it's like to be Brett Favre I guess.

    Bonus word for today is: retire. Because we all want him too, but know he won't.

    PS: On top of all of this the most bizarre thing is that I sort of have something in common with Vikings's fans now? I had two seperate conversations with two different Viking's fans today and I didn't want to punch someone when it was over. Like we acutally felt each other's pain. Weird.

    PSS: Vikings Suck.










  • Owned.

    Posted by Jon Henseler

    Well I've been slacking on my blogging lately, mainly because the Packers season is over so I'd be surprised if I write 2 blogs before opening day! Honestly I think I've been avoiding even logging on to our blogging site because my last blog was after the Packers loss to Arizona and if I have to relive Aaron Rodgers getting his face ripped off with no flag I may freak out. Referee: "Move along...nothing to see here."


    Whoa.....see what happens when I try to write a non-sports related blog? That '..........' encompassed 27 minutes of my swearing and crying in front of my computer.

    In any case the point of this blog was to show how Jimmy Kimmel has absolutely SLAYED Jay Leno in the past couple of days. Seriously no matter where you fall on the Leno/Conan late night trainwreck, you have to admit that NBC has been classless in the way they have dealt with it. To say FIVE years ago that Conan was going to inherit the Tonight Show in 2009, then give it to him and yank it away 7 months later is insane. And while I am firmly on Team CoCo, I understand that not everyone finds his brand of humor funny and are happy to see Jay Favre..I mean Jay Leno move back to the Tonight Show. Also I am horrified by the fact that I currently DO have a job in broadcasting and Conan will be unemployed shortly. Although I doubt he would work for a stipend of Brewers tickets and five dollar footlongs. Advantage: me.

    Oh and in cased you missed it here is the reason that Kimmel was on Leno's show in the first place:

    Kimmel:2 Leno:0. So should Kimmel get the Tonight Show after destroying Leno? Bonus word is 'kimmel.' And let us know where you stand on this! Our blogging system has leaped into the early 2000's and will allow comments below! It's been this way for a while and I figured I would have been called a moron by someone by this time, but so far nothing.

    Also this is the first non Packers/Brewers/Bucks/Badgers stand I have taken in my life on anything.

  • Serenity Now!!!!

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Well that about sums it up doesn't it? Or maybe this does it better: !@!#@&#@*(&#@@(#&@(!. See that? That's how I was talking by the end of that game last punctuation. It was straight out of the Exorcist! I was even forced to run on the treadmill last night and I haven't run on a treadmill since 2008 when Favre threw the pick to end the NFC championship game. When I turn to exercise you know it's a special kind of brutal.

    Anyhow I was going to wait until tomorrow to write this, but it's one of those blogs that if it doesn't get written now I'll never be able to go back and examine it. I didn't talk to anyone the day after 4th and 26 in 2003 and two days later I couldn't bring myself to even think about it. I never got that emotion out. I'm 160% sure that I'm going to go into a rage out of the blue one day and I'll be screaming about how we dropped our safeties back 28 yards when the Eagles needed 26. But that is for another day. Thoughts from a season endi...nope it's too soon, can't even type it.

    - If you page down you'll read that I fully anticipated that the Cardinals would come out strong, which happened, and that the Packers would recover, which happened. But that is where my predictions being true ceased. Honestly it was obvious who the playoff tested team was and it showed in the first quarter. Cardinals were calm and collected while we traveled back in time to week 8 where penalites, sacks, and turnovers were the order of the day. It was a buffet of bad football through 15 minutes but to the Packer's credit they gathered themselves, came back, and turned in a truly remarkable performance that came up just short in the end.

    - Which leads me to look back to the final week of the regular season, who had the better strategy; the Cards or the Pack? Well after yesterday's game I would argue that both made the right moves for their own team. This Packers team has never been in the playoffs as presently assembled, and with a young, untested team, you need to keep momentum on your side and build up their confidence. Meanwhile the Cards rested their starters because their team as presently assembled won the NFC last year. They know that playoff football is a different game and knew what to expect once it got to that level. When the Packers make the playoffs next season they'll know what to expect and be better prepared. Guaranteed Rodgers doesn't make the mistakes he made in the 1st quarter of this game again when he returns to the playoffs.

    - Step 1: Throw the ball to Jermichael Finley, Step 2: Profit. That should be all the offensive playbook reads next season. What a beast. Nearly set a tight end record for receiving yards in a playoff game when he got over 150. Behind Rodgers he might be our second most valuable player. Not to mention he was wearing a Brewers hat in his post game wrap up. Finley=my new favorite player.

    - It's too bad this game didn't lend itself to the run more because Ryan Grant had a solid day in limited action. 11 carries for 65 yards. I realize we are a pass heavy offense blah blah blah, but he needs to be more of a focal point of our offense next season.

    - Dear Jordy Nelson, slip on the turf once? Fine. Slip on the turf twice? Not fine, get a change of cleats for God's sake! Fumble on your third kick return? Don't come back on the field for the second half. Nice TD catch.

    - Seriously a REAL kick returner has to be a priority in the offseason along with a corner and an offensive tackle. Josh Cribbs just turned down a one year offer from the Browns and I'm pretty sure he scored 300 of the Browns 250 points this season. Meanwhile Desmond Howard may have our last kick return for a TD in Super Bowl XXXI. Sign. Cribbs. Now.

    - Two players who I feel the most bad for? Rodgers and Woodson. Woodson because he played flat out dominant football all year, up to and including yesterday and once again will not have a Super Bowl ring to show for it. Rodgers because you know he wanted to get that first playoff win to prove that he can win in the clutch. He's not without blame, that interception he just plain forced. It was down right Favrian. And he missed Jennings who was WIDE OPEN on the first play of overtime. But as has been the case this season he was pressured on that final play and fumbled it. How frustrating a moment did that have to be for him? You battle all the way back all afternoon long, finally tie it, win the toss in overtime and don't get the win. As sick as we are as fans he has to be dying about that overtime drive. The only thing I can relate it to in my life was one time in 4th grade while playing a spirited match of 4 square all recess long and had managed to stay in the coveted 4th square for the duration of recess. That is until my buddy Jaymon hit a wicked shot that bounced once in my square, and as I was trying to knock it back took a reverse spin and bounced the fatal 2nd time in my square. Just as the bell rang. Devastated. My Dunkaroos didn't even taste good at lunch. So yeah, that's probably how Rodgers felt.

    So there you have it, 185 heart attacks later, game over man, game over. Which is surprising because I picked them to win and during the course of my life I'm like 17% accurate with my picks. Had an off day I guess. Even Jimmy the Greek didn't get them all right. On a final note people on blogs and facebook wanting McCarthy and Thompson fired after this game are all sorts of crazy. This team was 6-10 last year. A 5 game improvement in one year is tremendous. Remember how many times Holmgren and Favre lost in the 90's in Dallas before they figured it out? No one was calling for them to get fired. This team will be better next season, and I can say with confidence that we will win the Super Bowl in 2010. Bonus word: super.


  • This youtube thing is pretty sahweet!

    Posted by Jon Henseler


    Seriously I must be the last person on earth to figure out that youtube=awesome. And have you seen these cordless phones? Brilliant!

    Anyhow I stumbled upon this while I was wasting time online show prepping this morning. I've watched it 22 times already and all signs point to at least 17 more before 10am. I was toe tapping and everything baby (then I started sweating so I toned it down)! I have no idea who put this together; some dude named 'imaginary sound' on youtube. In any case this guy has accomplished more developing this video than I will in my lifetime. When he dies it will read; "Here lies Imaginary Sound, creator of the most dominant coach soundbite video on earth." Meanwhile when I die it will read "He never kissed a girl, but he loved him some Packers and Brewers...and even Bucks."

    Either way enjoy as we get ready for playoff football on Sunday! I know everyone wants to know what I think will go down this weekend, and by everyone I mean my mom.....maybe. Seriously if you go back to the preseason matchup with the Cards, and last Sunday, when both team's starters have been on the field the Packers have outscored this squad 71-10 (and that's not even an exagerration/lie I normally put in here, that is an actual fact). I know it's hard to gather anything concrete from a preseason matchup and a regular season matchup where the Cardinals clearly did not care about the outcome, except for the fact that it points to us being a better team and we will surely win! 31-28 is my final score guess. It should be an entertaining, high scoring game, and I fully anticipate the Cards getting an early lead at which point Woodson, Rodgers, Driver and company will calm down and slowly take over.......I think. Either way I'm going to be a big ball of stress from Sunday Saturday afternoon on. But in the words of Herman Edwards; Let's play to win the game! Bonus word: win.