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5 Tips for keeping your New Year's Resolution...

by Charli McKenzie

Ok, the resolutions are set..how are you going to keep them?? Here are 5 tips you can try and Good Luck!

1. Lose Weight--The number one New Year's resolution is losing weight.  95% of dieters regain the weight they lose...You should make SMALL lifestyle changes instead of big, dramatic ones...Tips-weigh yourself daily and write it down..my mother has done this for a year and it's worked! 

2. Get Organized-” If I can give you one tip to get yourself organized, it would be-Put everything back the minute you quit using it! Immediately...

3. Spend Less, Save More- Check your bank balance daily and write everything down, daily, on what you spent. Then you can start by where you are spending the most. Also-have an account that you cant touch or you will be penalized. Have your work take it out immediately and put away so you dont even know it's there. Also-pay your bills immediately and make sure you dont spend anything til the bills are covered, then whatever is left is your extra money..

4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest--tWrite Down what your lifelong dream is....and do whatever it takes to fulfill it! 

5. Stay Fit/Healthy--Make sleep your priority for one month, get as close to eight hours every night and it will help you when you workout..you'll get more of one. SPEAKING of working out..they say you will work out 85%  more if you are dressed in your gym outfit. So make sure your clothes are always in your vehicle so you wont have any excuses! Good Luck..