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The 7 deadly sins....where are they most prevalent in America? Uh-OH Wisconsin

by Charli McKenzie


The seven deadly sins are wrath, greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, pride and envy.

A group of geographers from Kansas State University got together to map out where these different sins were found most frequently around the United States.

Here’s how they all fared.

1. Wrath - The southeast and central California had the biggest problem with wrath, it is less prevalent in the midwest.
2. Gluttony - Virginia and North Carolina have the most cheap fast food places per capita.
3. Greed - You’ll find this in big cities in California, Florida, the north coast, Chicago, Cleveland and Seattle among others.
4. Pride - The southeast and northern coast seem to have an issue with pride and the midwest does not.
5. Lust - The south and eastern coast have a higher concentration of lust and the Appalachian region seems to have an easier time handling their feelings.
6. Sloth - There were only problems in a few big cities sprinkled around the country.
7. Envy - Lots of envy in the Northwest, California and the south and not so much in the midwest.