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Um..how far would you go to join a frat?

by Charli McKenzie


A student at the University of New York at Canton dished details of the hazing he and two other students went through to join a fraternity.

The event was described as “Hell Night” where the pledges had to rub hot sauce on their crotch and were told to eat poop which they refused to do.

They had to chew a combination of Red Man chewing tobacco and hot sauce for five minutes, then had to do the same thing with onions. The pledes then had to rub a combination of eggs, hot sauce, shampoo and conditioner over their heads and then on their crotches for another 15 minutes.

Two of the pledges were forced to pass an egg yolk between their mouths without the yolk breaking which took them 6 times to get right.

The pledges had to endure a paddling with a metal coat hanger that was performed by a former local school superintendent. One of the current members was the superintendent’s own son.

Every member of the fraternity was charged with with causing physical injury.