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Walter gets a second chance

by Charli McKenzie

Meet Walter, a Miniature Pinscher who is getting a second chance at a happy life after spending a year locked in a cage.

Walter is a Miniature Pinscher whose severe deformities are the result of careless inbreeding. He was surrendered by his former owners who gave him up after a year of keeping him in a cage and barely feeding or caring for him. They didnt even give him time outside or love..
Angels for Animal Rescue took the little dog in. A visit to the vet revealed the worst: His year in a cage exacerbated Walter's congenital birth defects, causing his muscles to atrophy.
Walter still has some trouble walking and running, but he's now in a loving, happy home where he seems to be having a total blast. There are lots more pictures and information about Walter on his Facebook page, if you want to check out how adorable he is by