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You may NOT be losing weight because of these common things......

by Charli McKenzie

My doctor and I had a good talk and I told her how frustrated I was at the fact that I wasn't losing anymore weight despite exercising and watching what I eat...She told me there is a lot more that people dont take into consideration........I actually wrote these down ;)

She said to NEVER skip a meal.....not a good idea! This causes the body to cling onto unwanted fat because it feels it needs to in order to survive..

LET GO OF STRESS.......Your body will produce, cortisol-the hormone that worsens insulin resistance and promotes the storage of fat...Try to relax, which is easier said than done!

She told me to get rid of diet sodas, diet meals and sugar free foods -they are no good and actually cause you to gain weigh tin some instances

SLEEP....studies prove, more sleep equals smaller waistline..you need the rest!!

You may be getting the wrong carbs...Carbs are not the enemy to weight loss....make sure you're reaching for a serving of strawberries rather than a serving of french fries.

Routine.....my doctor is encouraging me to find a favorite, healthy breakfast and eat it every day. It will help me maintain a routine eating habit that will get me on track for the day.

DONT eat in front of the fridge or eat over your kitchen counter-you may be surprised to realize how many extra calories you could be consuming. Eat at set times and portion sizes.


Keep your workouts fresh byKeep your workouts fresh by signing up for a spin class or mixing in different styles like yoga, pilates, tae bo or zumba from home...or if you are a member of the YMCA in the Green Bay area..email me charli.mckenzie@wncy.com and ill help work out with you!

And her biggest piece of advice...QUIT MAKING EXCUSES

Good Luck