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Alan Jackson's Daughter In Trouble (again)

by Doc Murphy

Alexandra (Ali) Jackson, the 20 year old daughter of Country superstar Alan Jackson has a new picture for her scrapbook.  Too bad it's a mug shot.

Metro Nashville Police Department 

Ali got herself arrested early Wednesday morning on charges of resisting arrest, assault of an officer, and underage drinking.  She posted bond around 5:00am Wednesday morning.

The police report says that Ali was a passenger in an SUV that was pulled over for speeding.  That's when Ali got out of the vehicle, disregarding the police's request to get back in the vehicle, and then proceeded to hit one of the officers on his chest.  

While being handcuffed, Ali did play the "do you know who my Dad is" card.  Didn't work.
Ali will be heading to court September 23rd to see what's next.