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Keith Urban Heads to Hallmark

by Doc Murphy

When you care enough to send the very best...now you can send a little Keith Urban too.

Hallmark has announced that Keith has signed on for a new line of greeting cards, 12 different "sound cards" that each feature a 15 second snippet of a Keith Urban song.  

The price of putting Keith Urban in an envelope...$4.99.

I'm not sure which songs are being used for which occasions, but here are a few suggestions...

  • Happy Birthday - "Days Go By" (old people LOVE that kind of humor)
  • Happy Anniversary - "You're My Better Half"
  • He Broke Up With You - "Stupid Boy"
  • She Broke Up With You - "I Told You So"
  • I'm Breaking Up With You - "Better Life"
You'll have to head to Hallmark and see the actual cards for yourself.  The new Keith Urban sound cards are available now at Hallmark Gold Crown stores.