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Campers Delight

by PJ Lacey

Some call it Hobo Stew or Potroast, an easy open fire meal that'll cater to any of your campers. To get started, pull out a 2 foot section of aluminum foil per person. We usually use hamburger-

you can use ground sausage or cut up steak. Then, add butter, onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes

top off with your favorite seasonings- garlic, salt, & pepper. Roll up the foil packets.

When your fire dies down, just lay the foil on the embers. Cooking time varies-most start checking the meat after approx. an hour, depending on how hot your coals are. We've went tubing for 3 or 4 hours before checking on them before.  You'll need a metal spatula or small shovel to bring the packets out and check for doneness.  Seems like everyone has a special way to make this, my niece uses canned, sliced potatoes.

You can always have the new Bacon Dogs in the cooler for backup! Have a great Memorial Weekend.

photos courtesy- lennarish.deviantait.com,yaymicro.com,foodpoisonjournal.com, arepotatoeshealthy.com