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Experience the Delicious Flavor of Slow-Cooked Pork Roast

by Joe Cassady

When I cook meat, I prefer to use a Slow-Cooker. One of my favorites is Pork Roast. There are several useful tips on how to cut meat, preparing meat and adding spices before the slow-cooking process begins. I thought it might be helpful to share this video with you. The instructions are easy to follow and it will help you to be successful the next time you decide to slow-cook a Pork Roast.


In warmer weather, you may not want to use your conventional oven. The Slow-Cooker allows you the convenience of walking away for 6-8 hours while your Pork Roast is cooking, freeing you up to do other tasks around the house. You can prepare your Pork Roast and set your Slow-Cooker before you leave for work. After work, when you come home the Pork Roast is done and ready to serve!