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Don't turn up your nose to aspic

by Jack Taylor

It's an old school dish and when I tell people about it they freeze in horror.

Aspic is plain gelatin and you can suspend just about anything you want in it.  Some recipes call for meat, lesser cuts, and you basically are making something like head cheese.

Fear not jello lovers.  When a spicy tomato juice is added to gelatin you get a refreshing, tasty tidbit that if your dinner mates won't eat, then all the more for you.  For all of the fruit jello dishes that end up in church basements and family picnics across the upper midwest, I can't believe people have such difficulty eating tomato aspic.  Especially given resident's appetites for homegrown tomatoes. 

It's easy too.  Just heat a packet of plain gelatine and add 2/3's cup of tomato juice.  Try V-8 or any of the other spicy juices on the shelves.  Pour it into a mold and after it starts thickening add whatever you want.  I add chopped green onions, green olives, celery, a dash of worcestershire and tobasco sauces and tiny canned shrimp or crab.  Refrigerate and to serve, warm the mold and invert onto a serving dish.

It's good and healthy and a lot people won't give it a try.  Many that do can't come to terms with tomato jello.  Keep an open mind.  Your vegetable consumption probably increased with age as well.