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12 Fish you should never eat.

by Otis Day

The nonprofit group Food and Water Watch looked at all the fish varieties out there, how they were harvested, how they were farmed, and levels of toxic contaminants like mercury or PCBs in the fish to figure out what 12 fish we should never eat. You can get the full list and solutions on what you should eat instead from the full article at yahoo.com

1-Imported Catfish-Nearly 90% of imported catfish come from Vietnam where all kinds of banned US antibodies are used freely.

2-Caviar-Most come from an area that is polluted by damn building.

3-Atlantic Cod-It's listed one step above endangered on the list for Threatened Species.

4-American Eel-It's highly contaminated with PCBs and mercury.

5-Imported Shrimp-90% of the shrimp sold in the US is imported, and it's filled with things like mouse hair, rat hair, and pieces of insects plus tons of contaminants, antioxidants, and more.

6-Atlantic Flatfish-Flounder, sole, and halibut caught off the Atlantic coast because they're heavily contaminated.

7-Atlantic Salmon (both wild and farmed)-It's actually illegal because the fish stocks are so low.

8-Imported King Crab-Most of it comes from Russia where the limits on fish harvests aren't enforced. A lot of imported king crab is mislabeled Alaskan king crab because they think that's the name of it.

9-Shark-They are super high in mercury. Plus killing them removes them from the ocean where they are needed for the health of the ecosystems.

10-Orange Roughy-High in mercury. Plus it takes up to 40 years to mature so overfishing makes it tough for populations to recover.

11-Atlantic Bluefin Tuna-It has the highest levels of mercury of any tuna. Plus it's so overharvested it's almost extinct.

12-Chilean Sea Bass-Most in the US comes from fisherman who have captured them illegally.