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The best foods for couples who are getting ready for some, uh.....lovin'

by Otis Day

Here are some of the best foods for lovin':

Struggling with erectile dysfunction? You need to up your Omega-3's. Try oily fish like mackerel, tuna or sardines three times a week.

Since you muscles need to spasm and contact during sex, try spinach. Popeye was right - it makes you stronger thanks to a good source of iron and calcium.

Beets will boost your immune system to get you in better shape for your daily sex.

Bananas will boost your mood and your sex drive - full of B6 they help to regulate testosterone.

Fresh berries have lots of zinc which you need to keep your reproduction system healthy.

Cinnamon is supposed to be like aromatherapy for your arousal senses.

Avocados help boost your energy, your hormone production and your sex function.

Apples help keep your prostate in check which helps to control your libido. 

I read this story on foxnews.com