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Wanna be a Super-Hero? Try THIS Routine!

by Corey Carter

"Spider-Man Pull-Ups" (20-30)

When performing pull-ups with an overhand grip, favor 1 side and raise that side's knee while pulling up.  It feels awkward at first...but it works! (this works your

"Spider-Man Push-Ups" (20-30)

While doing push-ups, alternate knees bending up and towards your arm, so you are only balancing on the opposite foot. (this will work your arms/chest but also will engage your core muscles.) 

"Super-Man Jump-Ups" (20-30)

Simply squat with your arms at your side, then EXPLODE up while raising your arms above your head, like Super-Man taking-off into flight! (this will work your quads and get your heart-rate going giving you a bit of cardio)

"Thor's Hammer" (10 each arm) 

Take a single, 45lb (standard) bench bar (or lighter if necessary, but something that is longer such as a bar not a single barbell) Grip it in the middle and curl it up, then at the top of the curl, quickly rotate your wrist and lift the bar above your head.  (This will work your biceps/forearms/shoulders and also key stabilizing muscles.) 

Do this circuit twice with as little time between exercises as necessary.