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9 Smart Protein Bar Choices

by Jess Kelley

Photo Credit: Jess Kelley

Ok So I went to the store today to get a preworkout snack before Yoga and I had no idea what kind of Energy/protein bar to get cause there are SO MANY! 

I ended up getting the Balance Cookie Dough and of course it didn't make the list. So now I know what to look for. I heard for every 100 calories it should have 10g of protein

I found a list of the 9 Best Protein Bars...

1. Pure Protein Bars 

2. Power Crunch Bars 

3. Detour Bars 

4. Met-Rx Bars 

5. Think Thin Bars 

6. KIND Fruit & Nut Delight Bars 

7. Nature Valley Chewy Protein Bars 

8. Larabar Cashew Cookie Bars 

9. Quest Bar