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Help! I’ve Been Missing So Much!

by Susan Fenrich

So What Can One Do?

In today's world much can be done to alleviate the problem of hearing loss. Following are some examples of how people have been helped with hearing aids.

Jim Silvis says that most of the audio difficulties he has experienced are far less troublesome than before being properly fit with hearing instruments. He uses the ReSound Verso 9 BTE instruments and is very pleased with their performance and really likes the fact that they're almost invisible.

Bill Horsch of Sheboygan Wisconsin says it like this : I have worn hearing aids for 8 years. Over the years I have tried 3 different brands of hearing aids. I have never had hearing aids that give the clarity of sound like my Resound Versos. I absolutely love the remote control feature. I can adjust the volume so easily in a variety of different settings. With the Resound Unite TV device I am able to understand all the dialogue even when people speak very rapidly or quietly. I love my new Resound hearing aids.

R.H. is extremely well pleased with the results he's experienced: I am a very satisfied owner of the Widex mind330 hearing aid. It's remarkable how it automatically adjusts loudness according to your listening environment, and how it will analyze incoming sounds and reduce noise! When I do the vacuuming, the first 25 seconds the motor is really loud, but then it quiets down. The second mode for telephone use is really great to use at my church, where they have an induction loop system completely around the main auditorium. In that setting, the telecoil in my hearing aid can pick up exactly what the minister is saying. When the congregation or the choir sings, the third mode helps me enjoy the music even more. I am very satisfied with the service and care at Welsch Hearing Aid Company, Inc.

These are just three of the many people who have been re-introduced to a quality of life they thought they'd lost forever.

There are hearing instruments available to address almost any hearing loss situation. In addition, you may even benefit from an amplified phone or another type of assistive listening device as an amplified alarm clock.

Call your local hearing care provider to schedule a hearing test and find out which products will best help your situation. In many instances the initial hearing screening is free. There's a quality of life you have been missing out on if your hearing isn't what it should be. If you think you may have a hearing loss problem but you've been avoiding doing something about it, why not make an appointment for a hearing evaluation today . It takes around an hour and it could be well worth your time.

Written by James D. Silvis

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