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Fitch The Homeless Campaign

by Jess Kelley

This is a great video. It's a new campaign to pretty much Make Abercrombie and Fitch the #1 Clothing choice for Homeless people. 

Since the owner/CEO/Presidentie/jerk/dork  whatever his title is at that store, pretty much said no one that is ugly or fat can wear 'his' clothes or work at his stores.  

He wants it only for the 'cool' kids. 

UGH... how gross is he? Really, you are a GROWN man and you are talking like a high school or junior high student. "Cool" kids? Really!! Get a life dude...

So this video makes me super happy. :) 

That sounds like a fun plan! 

I do want to say the owner  is 68 years old but he's trying to look like he's 21. 

I don't like judging people, but he can be judged...