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Gretchen Rossi New Single "The Time is Now" and more Real Housewives Songs (AUDIO)

by Jess Kelley

Seriously I ask myself this everyday...why do I watch these show?? 

The Real Housewives that is!

I KNOW It's amazinggggggggggggg I'm addicted to BRAVO. It's the best network ever. (sorry OPRAH...You're still my fav)

But when the housewives record songs, it's like Christmas!

Here is the newest one... "The Time is Now"

Here are a few more to torture you with... 

Melissa Gorga "How Many Times (Dear Joe"

(actually that might be the best one yet...)

"How Many Times"

Countess Luann "Money Can't Buy You Class"

Another one from the Countess Luann 'Chic C'est La Vie"

Kim Zolciak  'Tardy for the Party'

And... "Google Me"

Kenya Moore 'Gone With the Wind Fabulous'

Remember JO? She use to date Slade...

Now do you understand why I love these show?? I thought so :)