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HENRY Electronic Board Game!

by Jess Kelley

I FOUND IT! I have been obsessed with this game ever since I got it and I couldn't think of the name for the life of me. I also couldn't find it online but HERE IT IS... 

Have you heard of this game?? I found it on Ebay for over $100!! I need to go home this weekend (parents house) and see if I can find it. 

It's a digital memory game. I believe it came out in 1996. You had to match the sounds. I still remember a few of them...

"Hey There Young Fella" -Which I still say on a daily basis


HERE is description on ebay:

  • 1996 Tiger Henry Memory Matching Game
  • 3 game modes to choose from
  • Play alone, or with opponents
  • Players take turns pressing the "Henry" button which randomly triggers a sound effect. Try to locate the matching sound bu pressing one of the grid buttons.
  • When a match is made, the button stays lit. 4 matches in any direction wins! 

What is a old discontinued game that you were obsessed with? 


Ok so I found more on ebay for way less $$ hahah but still I need to find it just to play!