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Hunter Hayes "Still Falling"

by Jess Kelley

I've been obsessed with this song since he sang it at Country Cares in Memphis. It's a beautiful song!

Here are the lyrics:

ou would think for all the days I've known you
Id have you memorized by now
Every question answered, every single page turned
But you keep me on the edge some how

Baby every day with you is a beautiful mystery
But the sweetest story is falling from your lips
I hold on to every world, like its the first one I've heard
Its the only time I've ever felt like this this

After all there is, youd think Id be used to the pull of your gravity
After flying high for so long, who would think
Im still learning, still burning, still falling

I still reach for your hand because I need it
Your kiss is still the spark that lights a fire
Yeah, youre still laughing with me, baby, were still making memories
Im still a fool for you, theres a million reasons why

After every late night street light drive
Every love you miss you kiss good night
Girl, your name is still my favorite
Always will be and Im still wanting
Still all in still falling
Still falling,
Still chasing, still nervous, still yelling
Still dreaming about this

After every sunrise holding you, after all the crazy we've been through
Every day every minute girl its something new, Im still learning
Still burning, still wanting, still all in, still falling
Still falling

I just bought it on itunes. You have to see him sing it live. He has so much emotion.

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