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My Experience at Road America (PHOTO)

by Jess Kelley

Today I had a once in a lifetime experience at Road America. I didn't know ahead of time that I was going to be in a race car going 170!! I thought I was going there to watch my friend get his once in a lifetime opportunity.

Then once we got there they asked if I wanted a ride. I said you couldn't pay me to go... well that quickly changed.

I caved to peer pressure and I'm glad that I did!

Race car selfie!

Here is my before picture. I'm trying to look 'BRAVE' and not completely terrified like I was.

Here is my after photo! Boy was I a sweaty mess! Those suits are hot!!

I still can't believe I went 170 mph today at Road America ! It was pretty unbelievable.

They have their big Continental Tire race this weekend with Patrick Dempsey!!!

oh and Thank you Brian Frisselle for driving safety and tolerating my yelling! hahah