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My Top 10 Favorite Kids Shows #1 is Zoobilee Zoo

by Jess Kelley

Remember this show?? I was obsessed with it when I was a kid. I guess it was only on for 2 years but then they played reruns from 1986-2001. I loved it and was so sad when they stopped making new ones. I used to have dreams that I got to hang out with them. hahah 

I would like to believe this show is part of the reason I have such a huge imagination. :) ha or wishful thinking? Maybe not... either way it was a great show and I need to find this on DVD and watch them all again. 

Don't judge! 

What are some of your favorite shows when I was a kid... I could list at least 10! 

Here I go..

1. Zoobilee Zoo

2. Full House

3. Saved By the Bell

4. Guts

5. Double Dare

6. Bewitched

7. All That

8. Rugrats

9. Hey Dude

10. Doug