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Pic: Jake Owen Rips Pants on Stage and Wasn't Wearing Underwear!!

by Jess Kelley

Photo Credit: @kmotte93 

Looking good Jake OWEN! 

So, Friday night Jake ripped his pants on stage and wasn't wearing any underwear. (Sorry no pics of that)

IF you forgot, he never wears underwear, he always goes commando on stage. Good or bad idea... I say brilliant. 

So like any great performer when something bad happens (or good) the e show must go on. He took his shirt off and wrapped it around his waist with black tape.

Either way, he should always perform without a shirt. DAMNNNN He's lookin' good 

He later tweeted:

Charleston, SC will never be forgotten. My jeans ripped on stage tonight. Going commando=bad idea. Although, great breeze here. Coastal town
— Jake Owen (@jakeowen) May 18, 2013


Here is video: