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Ronnie Dunn Invites a Fan to Hang Out and Post on His Facebook Page?!? Really?

by Jess Kelley

Ronnie Dunn usually loves to rant on his Facebook account about radio stations and the changes in country music. Well last night he changed it up a bit and decided to have a little fun with his fans.

He posted:

Lisa came to the "barn"
With ten radio winners from across the country tonight.
She asked if this was where I did my Facebook posts.. ha !
I asked her if she would like to post something and she did. She surely can't cause ANY more trouble than I do RD 

Then it was her turn...

She posted on Ronnie Dunn's Facebook:  

My name is Lisa Smith and I am at Ronnie Dunn's barn on his FB account......died and gone to heaven right here!!! 

I'm sure she was soooooo excited! How neat is that? SHe