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Sheboygan Falls Local Celebrities Ray and Lynn Schmitt

by Jess Kelley

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ray and Lynn Schmitt of Sheboygan Falls yesterday at the Sheboygan Falls Fire Department Brat fry. 

If you don't know them you are missing out. These two have been sitting on their front porch for about 46 years waving to people as they pass by. Yes she said even in the Wisconsin cold months. 

I first noticed them about 2 years ago while driving to yoga in Sheboygan Falls on HWY PP. I mentioned it to one of my friends and she knew exactly who I was talking about. So, then yesterday I finally got to meet them. 

They are the cutest couple and loved by all. 

If you haven't seen them waving, then you need to start going on HWY PP in Falls. You better wave back too! :)

I posted the picture on B93 Facebook page -----> Facebook POST Read the comments! People love them :)

I even emailed Ellen their story! I think she should have them on her show. Don't you agree! 

-Jess Kelley