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She's ENGAGED!!!

by Jess Kelley

He put a ring on it!! On my sister that is! :)

Sorry, no big celebrity news here, but this is BIG news in our family. 

My sister's boyfriend put a ring on it! They are officially engaged. I've been holding this secret in for over two months. 

I can finally announce it. 


BLING BLING baby!! Looking nice...

This is when it happened! She had no idea. They were in Florida for a mini vacation and he surprised her with the ring. 

I'm so excited for her. She's going to be a great wife. (WIFE! ahhh...we are getting old!) haha jk. 

I can't wait for her their wedding. It's going to be a blast. 

Congrats Will and Jen. 

PS-They are good at surprising each other.. Remember when she surprised him. WATCH HERE