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Walter A. Bohan

by Jess Kelley

Yesterday my Uncle Wally passed away at the age of 91. He was truly an amazing man not only in his personal life but his professional one. If you are a Meterology buff then you might have heard of him.

(Photo: Walter Bohan and my sister Jennifer)

I'm honored to call him my Uncle. He was a lovely lovely man. He was very much a Grandpa to my sister and I.

Walter A Bohan did so much in his life. A brief summary...He invented Weather in Motion, author of many publications and books, started his own business in Satellite meteorology, worked for NASA, and was a Naval Captain in WWII.

Then today I saw on Facebook that Tom Skilling,WGN Chicago Meteorologist posted this message about my Uncle.

"It is with sadness that I report the passing of meteorological giant and pioneer, Walter A. Bohan. He passed away at 5pm Tuesday afternoon leaving behind quite a legacy. Bohan's work involved weather satellites and the interpretation of the images and information they were sending to earth. It's not an overstatement to say he helped educate an entire generation of meteorologists, both military and civilian, on the stunningly complex workings of this planet's atmosphere that the launch of weather satellites in the 1960s and 1970s was to bring into view.
Most in the world of operational meteorology when Bohan began his groundbreaking work in the 1960s, had never worked with real time satellite images. Much had been reported at the time of the development of weather satellites--a good deal of that work taking place under Dr. Verner Suomi's team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the birthplace of satellite meteorology. But just how to interpret and make full use of the information they provided about our weather in operational weather offices was simply not available. It remained a mystery. It was into this informational void that Walter Bohan, whose smile and perennially kind spirit I'll always remember, marched. He founded Walter A. Bohan Company in Park Ridge and was to embark on a journey which was to educate a new generation of meteorologists on the atmospheric processes and wonders they were about to explore thanks to these images from space.
In this world which preceded the digital revolution, Bohan fashioned libraries of instructional videotapes, the development of which were technological marvels in their own right. These tapes meticulously laid out one meteorological process after another as viewed from space. As we watched them, we realized we were seeing things we had never seen before and the lucidity of the explanations of the processes at work suddenly made clear so much which had not been clear to us before. "

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One of the comments said:

"All those wonderful things are what you are to us, Tom. Dearly loved. God Bless you and Walter."

Very touching isn't it?He will have a legacy that will last forever. Love you Wally. See you again someday.Xo

Your Niece,


Photo: Aunt June, my mom, dad, Uncle Wally and I.

Here is one of his most proud possessions: Weather in Motion CLICK HERE