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Going to the Game? Here Are the Activities the Team Has Planned For You.

by Paul Heling

Going to the game against Kansas City? Here's what the team has in-store for you Thursday...

  • The Tundra Tailgate Zone fires up at 2pm with live music from The Presidents
  • Lots of activities on the Fan Walkway on the east side
  • Fans get magnetic season schedules on the way in
  • Christian recording artist, Amanda Vernon, performs the National Anthem
  • Kickoff is early... it's at 6pm
  • Forecast a few days out calls for a high of 69 with 50% chance of rain
  • No flyover is planned for this game
  • Lots of in game promotions from team sponsors. #DiGiornoGameDay Tweet is our favorite.
  • Halftime includes youth football team scrimmages
  • This is the annual Bishop's Charities Game, a tradition that began with Vince Lombardi and the Diocese of Green Bay