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Have Green & Gold Draft Picks Sent To Your Phone on the Go - Text DRAFT to 79489

by Paul Heling

As he's done every year since 1979, our Mark Daniels sets his focus on the Draft May 8th through 10th. Back then a pick was announced to the media when equipment manager Bob Noel strolled into the locker room and posted a piece of ankle tape on a plywood sign that carried the name of the pick written in magic marker. The media then took it to the public.

35 years later, we've got a better way to get you that info no matter where you are and without having to camp out in front of ESPN or the NFL Network for three days. Text DRAFT to 79489 and Mark will shoot you a text right from the Packers' Media Auditorium at Lambeau Field when each pick is announced.

Curious as to what name Mark saw on that first piece of tape in 1979? Coach Bart Starr took Eddie Lee Ivery in the first round that year.