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Packers takin' it to the streets

by Mark Daniels

When Vincent Thomas Lombardi passed away in 1970, the city of Green Bay had to do something.  They honored the coach by re-naming Highland Avenue, which ran along the north end of Lambeau Field, Lombardi Avenue.  Made sense.  Nice tribute.   When the city created the Packerland Industrial Park on Green Bay's far west side, they plotted the grid with names like Lambeau street, Hinkle Street, Hutson Street, Lewellen Street.   Again, a sensible plan.  Hall of Famer Ray Nitschke was a great player and when he died, the Main Street bridge over the Fox River became the Nitschke bridge. I can see that.   It wasn't long after the Packers captured the Super Bowl XXXI championship when city leaders quickly approved a plan to honor coach Mike Holmgren with a street through the village of Ashwaubenon called Holmgren Way.  Then came Brett Favre Pass, a block long street in front of his restaurant, then Reggie White Way.  Easy now folks.  Within weeks of his retirement earlier this year, Pearl Street along the Fox became Donald Driver Street.   Now, Mayor Jim Schmitt is proposing to rename Ashland Avenue, a major thoroughfare, in honor of Super Bowl XLV winning head coach Mike McCarthy.  Nothing against Mike, but this is getting a bit much. Why stop now?

I'm offering a plan to overhaul the entire map of Titletown.  Let's name every single street, boulevard, drive, lane, road, court and circle after a member of the Green Bay Packers.   We've already got quite a head start.  Existing streets can easily be connected.  Anderson Drive for instance, can now honor the likes of Donny, John and even Marques.  We already have Noble Court, Brian won't mind laying claim to that.  There's Smith Street, the surname of 24 former Packers, everyone from Barry to Barty to Ollie.   Taylor Street can alternate photos of Jim or Aaron on every block.

The city council could get very creative, and drive the US Postal Service nuts with change of address forms to accomodate the likes of oh, how about Dave Roller Road?  Jan Stenerud Street, Jim Weatherwax Way,  Paul Ott Carruth Court, Carl Barzilauskus Boulevard or Lofton Lane.  James is a Pro Football Hall of Famer after all.  If we run out of streets, any paved landmark will do, like Harlan "H Bomb" Huckleby highway, the Steve Okoniewski overpass, the Ken Iman interchange or the Aldon Roche roundabout.

I know the city is still growing with new subdivisions popping up, but there's always the latest draft class to help developers come up with street names.  Datone Drive, Lacy Lane, Tretter Turn.   You get the idea, I just hope the city of Green Bay gets it soon.