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Back To School: Parents Mixed Feelings

by Bryan Scott

It's that time of year again...time for the kids to go back to school. A day that is filled with many mixed emotions for parents. Your children are going out in to the word by themselves. They don't need you anymore. Well, except for needing you to get them up in time for school, reminding them to shower and brush their teeth, fixing them breakfast, packing their lunch and making sure they get to the bus in time. Oh, and don't forget their backpacks too!! 

The first day back to school can be quite a roller coaster of emotions. Once you conquer the craziness of getting them ready in time, you begin to realize that you actually might miss the little buggers. 

Walking you kindergartner to class can go one of two ways; They will cry and beg you not to leave them or they will run down the hall to their class and and totally forget you are even there! The latter is what happened to us with our youngest, Will. He was so excited that he was at school he didn't even know Mom and Dad walked him to class. 

Same thing with our oldest, Emma, who is a fifth graded now. She didn't have time to pose for pictures with her mommy or daddy. Or, maybe it was because she was too cool to pose with her mommy and daddy! Either way, she seemed a bit annoyed that we escorted her to class.

Jack, our middle child, seemed to enjoy the attention that mom and dad gave to him. Not only did he appreciate that we escorted him to his new classroom, he grabbed his mom's hand and skipped with her all the way down the hall. He didn't care what his friends thought! He was just happy that we were there to share this big day with him.

All in all, it was a great first day of school for the kids...and for Addi and I. After dropping them off we went back to our normal routine. Well, at least I did. I headed back to work. Addi enjoyed her first day of no kids. This is the first time in 10 years that she hasn't had to take care of at least one child. 

Thank you, Addi, for giving up the past ten years to be a full-time mom. Enjoy your alone time...YOU DESERVE IT!!!