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Another Reason Not To Have Kids - Average College Tuition And Fees Today And 18 Years From Today

by Jim Parish

Type of Institution

Projected 4-Year Tuition and Fees

(Enrolling 2012)

In 18 Years
(Enrolling 2030)

Private College



Public/University (in-state resident)



2 Years Community College & 2 Years Private College



(Based on average tuition and fees for 2012-2013 as reported by The College Board® and assumed to increase 6% annually.)

According to The College Board®, the average 2012-2013 tuition increase was 4.2 percent at private colleges, and 4.8 percent at public universities. The ten-year historical rate of increase is approximately 6 percent. These figures are substantially higher than the general inflation rate. They are also higher than the average increase in personal incomes.

The figures above do not include other costs your child will incur as a college student, such as room and board, books, supplies, equipment, and transportation. These additional expenses can increase your child’s cost of attending college by a substantial amount.