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When to ditch the pacifier

by Nikki Montgomery

You may call it a Binky, a Ninny, or some other cute name, but no matter what you call it a pacifier is a habit that is hard to break! I was reading an article on babycenter.com that said babies should be off the pacifier by 18 months. My daughter will be 18 months officially on Wednesday and we've been trying to break her of the habit for the last 6 months. We take it away from her and she's fine, but a few minutes later we'll look over at her and she's got one in her mouth! She's got them stashed around the house I think because she knows we're taking them away. I'm worried it's going to start causing problems with her teeth, but she won't settle down for bed without one. Do I need to be tough and just let her fuss and cry it out or is there an easier way to break her of the habit?