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Autism Resources for Parents and Caregivers

by Rural Virtual Learning Academy

Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder that is characterized by delays in social reciprocation, communication difficulties, and the presence of stereotypical patterns in behavior, interests, and activities.  Delays are usually noticed before the age of three.  It is considered a spectrum disorder because there can be a wide range of difference in delay from individual to individual. 

Autism spectrum disorders can make learning and functioning in typical settings challenging.  The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) is a not-for-profit organization that works to improve education, treatment and care of people with autism.  Their website (http://www.asatonline.org) has a wealth of resources related to autism treatments.  Within the “Treatment” tab there are even video examples that offer a variety of strategies to show what the core deficits of autism look like as well as tips for how to teach an individual with autism.

Jessica Martin, Ed.S., NCSP

RVA School Psychologist & Director of Special of Education & Student Services