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Makeup Expiration Dates

by Nikki Montgomery

Did you know that your makeup expires? Even if your products don't have an expiration date printed on them they do expire.

Here's a list of when products expire:

Mascara - 3 months! After 3 months bacteria can cause infections! Then why don't they put it smaller tubes?

Liquid Liner - 6 months. For the same reason mascara expires.

Foundation - 6-12 months. Your foundation can change consistency and even color after a year.

Lip Gloss - 1 year. Anything liquid can change consistency over time.

Concealer - 1 year. Same reason as foundation.

Nail Polish - 2 years. It can actually change color. Obviously it changes consistency too.

Lipstick - 2 years. It can dry out and change color.

Powders - 2 years. If you keep brushes clean it can last up to 2 years.

Eye shadow, bronzer, and blush - 2 years. Again if you keep your brushes clean. 

Pencil eyeliner - 2 years. I guess it's more economical to go old school and buy a pencil eyeliner.

If you're anything like me you're looking at this list thinking, "Oh man do I have a lot of makeup to throw away." Here's a tip: Write the purchase date in sharpie on the bottom of each product to keep track of when it will expire.