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The Real Russia :: What it's Like at the Games - Russia's Unbelievable Subways

by Mary Kay Wright

The first time a visitor decides to use the Russian Metro to get to a tourist destination - they discover IT is a tourist destination.

When you walk into the main stations - particularly in Moscow you will find the most beautiful, opulent subway system in the world!  It's hard not to think that you must be lost - having made a wrong turn somewhere and ending up in a Palace hall. 

Komsomolskaya Metro Station in Moscow - one of the city's many gorgeous stations. 
Photo Credit:  Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock.com 

The entrance to Sochi's Railway station 

This is one of the most striking things about Russia's architecture from the Soviet era - the government buildings/facilities are some of the most elaborate I've ever seen while on the other side housing for the population is downright depressing.  

More on that later.