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Heat fans leave arena with 20 seconds left, aren't let back in when Heat win.

by Jon Henseler

Welp folks looks like the 'days since Heat fans embarrassed themselves' can be set back to 0. I mean to say this enrages me would be an understatement. This makes me Carl Winslow 3, 2, 1 1, 2, 3 angry. This makes me Andy Bernard cell phone stuck in the ceiling, punching a hole in the wall angry. I mean really Heat fans? Leaving early at an NBA FRIEKING FINALS GAME with 20 seconds left and your team down two possessions?! What is this amateur hour?  Like I don't think I've ever left any Bucks game early. And we're talking, regular season, half full arena, not-even-degenerate- gamblers-hanging around situations. Unreal. I guess I can only be happy they weren't let back in. Honestly I hope they get the name of every fan that left early and bans them from the arena. Or at the very least if they're season ticket holders make them wear a giant 'H' on their gear or something to let everyone around them know that they quit on the team in a do or die Finals game with 20 seconds on the clock. Scarlett Letter style. 

PS: Photo taken from a Heat beat reporter as he was heading to the tunnel to get set for post game interviews. Don't think I don't see you purple Ray Allen Bucks jersey! What is your name?! Why are you there?! I have so many questions.

Double PS: All kidding aside, that game was unreal last night. Like throwback 1990's style NBA. Clutch jumpers, comebacks, suspect fouls from fishy referees, it had it all. To the point that I played the old NBA on NBC theme song this morning. Which, as a warning, I would avoid opening in a separate Youtube window. Because the 'related video' section of old NBA on NBC intros from games in the early to mid 90's is spectacular and never ending. Rabbit hole city.