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Gary Bettman strikes again!

by Jim McKinney

The almighty High Potentate of the NHL has decided that a Winter Classic should be played in that mecca of hockey- Los Angeles.  Yes, campers...Gary Bettman has decided that the LA Kings should get to play an outdoor game in January of next year at Dodger Stadium.  I know the Kings are the Stanley Cup champions...I loved the story last season as well, I will admit.  But has anyone explained to Bettman that there is that chance that LA in January might be a tad bit warm for outdoor hockey?  And don't send me nasty comments about the engineering behind creating a rink...I know that it's possible.  I'm just not sure that of all the other possible locations that he could have chosen for a New Year's Day game...LA was near the top...how about Winnepeg...or Minnesota...or Ottawa?  Where it's already cold.  I just have this thought that the ultimate outdoor game has to be like the one in the movie "Mystery, Alaska"...cold...crisp...did I mention cold...old time hockey weather!  Maybe I'm a hockey snob...but I have a hard time accepting Los Angeles as an outdoor hockey success.  In an earlier post I mentioned that Bettman is the worst major sport commissioner...thanks for solidifying your spot, Gar.