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2nd Half of the pre season game

by Jason Miller

While the fans boo'd Tate, which you have to wait till Monday, but I will have a bite for you Packer fans that will make you dislike Tate even more.  Heck of a tease huh?  The Offense and Defense were not the best out of the gate in the second half.  The only good thing about the start of the Third Quarter was that they announced in the Press Box, before alerting the fans, that Lambeau had a new attendance record, 74,030.  Way to go Packer Fans.  But then Vince Young drove the team on an eleven play, 80 yard drive that ate up five minutes and 51 seconds, culminating with a one yard TD pass to Amosa, tying the game at 10.  That was it.  The Seahawks scored another TD and that was that.  Seahawks win.

Let the debate on who the back up QB should be.  Graham Harrell or Vince Young?  You tell me, I want another pre-season game before I make my case for either one.  Great time as always covering the game for you fine folks and here are a few pics I took at the game.  

So from behind the scenes part two:


Above a shot of the playing from the press box

Above is the entrance to the Visiting Media Room.

And I will end this post with, Below, Coach Pete Carroll at the Podium:

Till the next post on Monday where I will have more photos from the Visiting side of things, this is your Visiting Locker Room guide, Jason Miller.