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Not enough is the key to failure

by Jason Miller

For all of those who thought that when Tiger found Ms. Vonn that his streak would be broken, the streak of NO MAJORS, was just naive and thought oh there's the "easy fix".  Tiger's problem isn't finding a woman to snuggle with, Tiger's problem is that he just doesn't want just one.  His former wife, HOT by the way as well, would be someone that most would treat with the most respect and give her anything she wanted.  But he's Tiger.  

He needs more than one and by last count I believe 15, give or take.  Tiger isn't winning because of the NOT "getting any" situation or a bad limb.  He is NOT winning because he is only "getting it" from one.  See I am about to give Tiger some advise like he has never gotten before, okay he probably has but stay with me.  

Tiger.....lay down on the couch of El Doctor oh Cripple', yes I am in a wheelchair so it's okay to use that term.  Now Tiger I want you to close your eyes and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.  Okay interesting, that women feeding you grapes would come up, but lets continue.  Next, do you know the women?  Tiger, wow that is an unusual answer, but if you are going with yes, then we will continue this way. Tiger, do you see your girlfriend Ms. Vonn with you in this vision you are having?  Okay now we are getting somewhere...oh he said no.  Tiger there is your problem, you need to stop excluding the woman you are with and in a relationship and all your troubles will start to fade.  To which Tiger says, but if I don't have all those women how will I win.  The answer is simple Tiger....You already have, you are just too blind to realize the rest is all gravy.  

Will Tiger win another major?  No.  Simply put, he had his mojo working for so long he doesn't know how to win with out it.  Too bad because he was on his was to becoming the best the sport had ever seen.  But to the next woman or current woman in Tiger's life, be careful, be very careful.  If he doesn't win with you, he will find another and there are plenty out there.  

Of course all the above just came from my head and was not a real interview/therapeutic session with Mr. Tiger Woods.